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Recycled Plastic

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We are well known at EcoChoice for our sustainably sourced timber

From Oak to Ekki, we supply FSC-certified wood to our UK clients looking for a renewable building material to complete their projects. But timber is not the only product your construction might need. That is where our non-renewables come in, including recycled plastic.

Sourcing Recycled Plastic

We supply a wide range of recycled plastic solutions designed for exterior construction projects. Our team can source and deliver plastic for:

All of these products will be manufactured from 100% recycled plastic sourced as sustainably as possible.

Why Choose Recycled Plastic?

Plastic is one of the greatest inventions of all time. You can find it everywhere, from plastic bottles and cheap pens to car bumpers, kitchens and space stations. But it is not the most eco-friendly building material out there.

Raw plastic has created a problem for our planet, filling oceans and landfills with non-biodegradable junk. Fortunately, though, our recycled plastic can alleviate the problem.

By taking waste plastic and transforming it into new, clean materials, we give old products a new lease of life and reduce strain on landfill sites. Recycled plastic also cuts down on the need for new virgin plastic, which uses valuable crude oil and has a much larger negative impact on the planet.

If you are building with plastic, play your part and opt for recycled. It is the EcoChoice.

Benefits of Using Plastic

We will always be timber advocates, but we know there is a place in the construction industry for other materials, such as plastic. With recycled plastics, these projects can maintain the high standards and durability which you are used to seeing from our timber.

Plastic is a strong, hard-wearing material which is incredibly versatile. It can be made in any colour, a wide variety of textures and your required thickness. In terms of properties, it can be almost completely up to you.

It is also extremely resistant to wear from harsh weather. Plastic does not rot and is not susceptible to infestations, making it a fantastic material for outdoor use. The only thing to note is that it may sag over long lengths and some colours of plastic can fade in the sun.

Why Work With EcoChoice?

At EcoChoice, we have two main focuses:

  1. The quality of our materials
  2. The quality of our service

When you choose to source recycled plastic with us, you will be investing in premium materials which meet your standards. We are experts at working with clients to match them with the right building products and will use your specifications to deliver exactly what you need.

Our team offers excellent customer service as well as on-site delivery, working with your schedule to ensure a smooth, hassle-free project.

Get in Touch With Us

If you are interested in using recycled plastics for your next project, feel free to get in touch with us today. Learn more about the products we have available, ask to be matched with the correct materials for your needs, or start an order with a team you can trust.

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