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One of our top recommendations for high-traffic decking is Ekki. A stable, robust timber species, it is ideal for external applications and will take a lot of wear and tear without complaint. At EcoChoice, we can supply your project with FSC-certified Ekki decking, made to your requirements, for decking projects which are built to last.

What is Ekki?

Also known as Lophira Alata, Eba or Azobe, Ekki is a hardwood sourced from forests in West Africa. It is well-known for its strength as well as how dense it is, making it a hard-wearing, robust option for outdoor decking projects across industries.

In terms of colour, the heartwood is usually a very deep, dark red or a rich chocolate brown, with purple streaks highlighting the timber. It can often have white deposits, along with an interlocked grain which gives it a rustic appearance. The pale pink sapwood contrasts beautifully with the dark heartwood.

Why Choose Ekki For Decking?

Strong, hardy, and with an aesthetic which is tricky to beat, Ekki is one of the most popular choices for heavy-duty decking. Its unrivalled strength (D70) and durability make it a versatile choice, suitable even for marine applications, and its natural longevity makes it a match for all external decking projects. 

Ekki also has fantastic shock resistance, making heavy pedestrian foot traffic (or even light vehicular traffic) on your decking no problem. 

Here are some of its technical details:

  • Crushing Strength @ 96 MPa
  • Static Bending Strength @ 162 MPa
  • Modulus of Elasticity @ 21420 MPa
  • Monnin hardness @ 10.7

When to Choose Ekki Timber Decking Boards

Ekki decking is our recommended species for large areas which need a hardy timber, including piers, pontoons and public walkways. It is also a smart choice for commercial spaces, where designing a low-maintenance building which will uphold the business’ image is a must.

We have helped bring a number of decking projects to life using Ekki timber, including Hastings Pier and Manchester’s New Islington Marina.

Pre-Fabricated Decking Boards

If you are working to deadlines, we can help. Our pre-fabricated Ekki decking boards come in a range of standard sizes and are pre-drilled, removing the need for laborious work before building. Delivered straight to your site and ready for installation, it is the smart choice for quick, sturdy construction.

It is good to note that we can also add GripChoice anti-slip strips to your Ekki boards before delivery. Screwed into the wood, these provide a long-lasting grip for added stability, making them more accessible and improving safety on your site.

Order Ekki Decking Boards

At EcoChoice, we supply Ekki timber decking boards from responsibly managed forests, helping to support sustainable forestry and protect our planet’s green spaces. To learn more or start an order, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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