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EcoChoice are proud to offer a wide range of hardwood decking timbers that are ideal for many uses, including garden roofs and patios, jetties, piers and pontoons, footbridges and walkways, balconies and public spaces such as town centre squares.

We know that nothing matches the combination of natural beauty and performance offered by naturally durable hardwood timber decking, making it ideal for all of the above external walking projects and more. You don’t need a yacht to enjoy the magic of hardwood decking!

Our FSC® certified hardwood timber decking is not only a natural and beautiful material, but it is also strong, durable, chemical free and requires minimal care. It is also an environmentally friendly option, as it is renewable and recyclable as well as sustainable, with all of our hardwood timber decking being FSC certified to ensure the long-term survival of the forests that they come from.

Profiles for the hardwood timber deck boards tend to be smooth, reeded or grooved.

To ensure extra safety is added to your hardwood timber decking project, anti-slip strips can also be fitted into special grooves. These strips can come in a range of colours to suit your needs.

The usual section sizes for decking are as follows, but we can also offer custom sizes and profiles to match your detailed design.

Thickness (mm): 19, 21, 28, 45, 70, 90.
Width (mm): 90, 125, 140, 145, 190.

Our standard hardwood decking species are listed below, and are some of the timber species that we have delivered to projects in the UK. However, other hardwood timber species, including Iroko, Opepe, Piquia, Padouk, Kapur and many others, are also available for quick delivery – and we can provide you with a free quotation.


Standard decking wood species

Balau Massaranduba
Ipe Ekki
Garapa Cumaru
Thermodified Spruce Thermodified Ash
OrganoWood Oak

As well as hardwood timber decking, EcoChoice also offer a range of other environmentally friendly decking options, including Organowood, composite WPC decking (FSC® wood and recycled plastic composite) as well as post-consumer recycled plastic decking.

To find out more about all our decking options and how we can help you with your decking construction project, including with free information, advice and samples on suitable hardwood decking species, please contact us by clicking the email or call us buttons below. For examples of how our hardwood decking timbers have been used in a wide range of construction projects, please take a look at the images below.

Timber decking for garden roofs and patios

Timber decking for jetties, piers and pontoons

Timber decking for footbridges and walkways

Timber decking for balconies, including high rise buildings

Timber decking for public spaces such as stations and town centre squares

Hardwood related insights

Hardwood vs Softwood Decking

Decking is an outstanding option to alter the look of your garden or outdoor patio. It can also be the ideal way to hide unpleasant areas or to expand an area such as a sunroom. It can even be cleverly used to level out a sloping garden- making it more user-friendly.

Which types of wood are best for timber decking

When it comes to decking for a garden, a larger landscaping project or even a pier, there are a lot of options out there. Depending on both your budget and what you want the decking to look like, there are many options for you to choose from. Here we discuss the different types of wood that are best for decking to help you choose the correct wood for your next project.

The differences between hardwood and softwood explained

Wood is broadly classified into one of two categories: hardwood or softwood. Each category has distinct qualities and characteristics and can help determine its identification as well as how the wood is used and where. Here, we go into more detail about what hardwoods and softwoods are, how they differ from each other and how they are used in our daily lives.

Using timber for piers

EcoChoice have a had strong presence in the marine construction industry for many years, and in particular we have specialist experience in delivering timber components to piers, pontoons and marinas. In this article we look at the type of timber that we use for piers, why we use it, and look at two of the piers that we have helped with in recent years – Southend Pier and Hastings Pier.

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