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UK's First Verified Carbon Negative Timber Cladding


Balau is a popular decking timber which is used across a range of industries. It is well-suited to both domestic and heavy construction work as well as applications which require a tough, durable timber.


A strong and durable timber species, Cedar comes highly recommended for external applications. Make sure yours is sourced sustainably with FSC or PEFC certification from EcoChoice.


Chestnut timber stands out for its incredible durability, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications.


As one of the most durable timber species, Cloeziana is suitable for a wide variety of external applications. In particular, it is a popular choice for marine applications.


Rich in colour and incredibly dense, Cumaru is one of our most popular timber species because it caters for both domestic builds, commercial construction and even street furniture.


FSC Ekki (or Azobe) has been a favourite of civil and marine projects due to its incredible strength properties (D70). We offer it for fenders, railway sleepers, pier decking, sea-defence, footbridges and many others.


Frake is a West African hardwood which is considered a very beautiful species for a wide range of applications.


Glulam stands for Glued Laminated timber. It is a technology that uses small timber components to form large and complex shapes, usually with structural properties.


FSC® certified Greenheart is now available for your civil and marine projects. Greenheart piles and planks are sourced from demolition sites. These are graded, re-sawn and then delivered to your project site.


Ipe is renowned for its remarkable durability, making it a top choice for outdoor applications. It resists decay, insects and extreme weather conditions whilst remaining stable and beautiful.


At EcoChoice, we source and supply FSC-certified Iroko timber straight to your project site. Suitable for commercial, residential and public construction projects, and available in a range of profiles and sizes, we have everything you need for a hassle-free build.


Larch is a conifer tree (softwood) of the genus Larix that grows across the northern hemisphere. There are about 10 species included in the genus, but the most commonly used for cladding are: Siberian Larch (Larix sibirica) and European Larch ( Larix decidua).


One of our favourite timbers since it can be used for virtually any application - and still look good! From restoration beams to stately landscaping, posh flooring to rustic sleepers, and beyond. Nothing beats its versatility.


EcoChoice supplies FSC-certified Opepe timber for construction projects around the UK.


A revolution in timber technolgy, OrganoWood uses the most natural material - Silica - to increase the durablity and fire resistance of abundant Nordic Pine.

Recycled plastic

While timber is the only renewable building material - it literally grows on trees - what do we do about the other options?


Ecochoice offers a wide range of species that have been heat modified to offer increased stability and durability. They include Spruce, Frake, Limba, Ayous, Ash and many more.

Treated Softwood


WPC is a material made from a mixture of wood and plastic. A blend of old, natural resources with new, manmade materials.

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