UK's First Verified Carbon Negative Timber Cladding




FSC Ekki (or Azobe) has been a favourite of civil and marine projects due to its incredible strength properties (D70). We offer it for fenders, railway sleepers, pier decking, sea-defence, footbridges and many others.


Frake is a West African hardwood which is considered a very beautiful species for a wide range of applications.


Glulam stands for Glued Laminated timber. It is a technology that uses small timber components to form large and complex shapes, usually with structural properties.


FSC® certified Greenheart is now available for your civil and marine projects. Greenheart piles and planks are sourced from demolition sites. These are graded, re-sawn and then delivered to your project site.


At EcoChoice, we source and supply FSC-certified Iroko timber straight to your project site. Suitable for commercial, residential and public construction projects, and available in a range of profiles and sizes, we have everything you need for a hassle-free build.


Larch is a conifer tree (softwood) of the genus Larix that grows across the northern hemisphere. There are about 10 species included in the genus, but the most commonly used for cladding are: Siberian Larch (Larix sibirica) and European Larch ( Larix decidua).


One of our favourite timbers since it can be used for virtually any application - and still look good! From restoration beams to stately landscaping, posh flooring to rustic sleepers, and beyond. Nothing beats its versatility.


EcoChoice supplies FSC-certified Opepe timber for construction projects around the UK.


A revolution in timber technolgy, OrganoWood uses the most natural material - Silica - to increase the durablity and fire resistance of abundant Nordic Pine.

Recycled plastic

While timber is the only renewable building material - it literally grows on trees - what do we do about the other options?


Ecochoice offers a wide range of species that have been heat modified to offer increased stability and durability. They include Spruce, Frake, Limba, Ayous, Ash and many more.

Treated Softwood


WPC is a material made from a mixture of wood and plastic. A blend of old, natural resources with new, manmade materials.

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