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A strong and durable timber species, Cedar comes highly recommended for external applications. Make sure yours is sourced sustainably with FSC or PEFC certification from EcoChoice.

What is Cedar?

At EcoChoice, we supply Canadian Western Red Cedar, British-Grown Cedar and even Alaskan Yellow Cedar to projects around the UK – most as cladding boards. All are durable, dimensionally stable timbers, meaning they will not easily warp in humid environments. They are also lightweight so easier to work with than some heavier timbers, such as Oak or Cumaru. For external applications like cladding, they do not need pre-treating and can withstand well the exposure to harsh conditions such as wind and rain.

As with any timber species, when the same species grows in different regions it develops different characteristics because of varying climates and soil conditions. Although Canadian Western Red and UK-Grown Western Red Cedar are in the same family and share some properties, they will not bring identical benefits to your construction.

Canadian Western Red Cedar

Canadian Western Red Cedar is tougher than its British counterpart, mostly due to the harsher winters it grows under. It also has fewer knots and is a denser timber, both of which contribute to increased durability. This makes it more hard-wearing for external products – e.g cladding – where its resistance to humidity, decay and insect infestation makes it a lower maintenance choice.

In terms of appearance, Western Red Cedar lives up to its name with red, orange and cream hues across the boards. However, the overall colour can shift depending on the timber you select, with heartwoods ranging from a deep and rich red to a lighter, more golden amber.

British-Grown Cedar

British Cedar tends to be less tough than Canadian Western Red Cedar, though it is still characterised as a durable choice. At EcoChoice, we would still recommend British Cedar for budget conscious outdoor applications, though would also suggest upgrading it with some regular stain or oil (including regular cleaning and checking for signs of damage) to keep it looking its best for longer.

A lot of professionals choose British Cedar because it still brings plenty of durability to a project and is more budget-friendly than Canadian Western Red Cedar. You will also earn bonus points for sourcing locally, with British Cedar growing on the doorstep of UK construction sites so a much lower footprint.

British Cedar is much lighter in colour, with a creamier hue which lacks the rich redness of its Canadian sibling. It has more knots and is less dense, which is why it will not stand up to wear and tear quite as well as Canadian WRC. 

UK Cedar used for cladding a garden building

Cedar Products at EcoChoice

By far the most popular use of Cedar is for cladding. Durable and with the added bonus of weathering beautifully to a bright silver, both British-grown and Canadian varieties are a smart choice for just about any architectural project.

But cladding is not the only use of Cedar. We supply high-quality Cedar for a wide range of applications, including:

If you have an application for Cedar we have not mentioned, do not hesitate to get in touch with more information. We are able to manufacture and supply bespoke Cedar products, working with your designs to create impressive timber structures.

Sustainability at EcoChoice

Sustainability is one of our main values at EcoChoice. When you choose us as your Cedar suppliers, you will be supporting responsible forestry which respects the world’s woodlands.

All our Cedar is sourced from PEFC or FSC-certified forests where there is a clear commitment to preserving the natural landscape and respecting local communities, wildlife and plant life.

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For external and internal projects around the UK, we will be happy to help with your timber needs. To start an order, learn more about Cedar or find our personalised timber recommendations for your project, get in touch with our team today.

Cedar cladding

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