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Oak at EcoChoice

With popular landscaping products in standard sizes ready to go, you do not have to spend weeks becoming a timber expert. Just choose your product, find a standard size, and order for quick, easy delivery to get your construction project underway.

Oak Product Range

Sourced from FSC or PEFC -certified European forests, our Oak range includes:

Taking the fuss out of finding Oak, you will be able easily to acquire what you need without professional knowledge. All our products are made using premium-quality timber which has our team’s stamp of approval, ensuring you can trust what you buy.


Ask Our Team For Advice

Sticking with keeping things simple, our timber experts at EcoChoice are always on hand to help with your Oak product selection. Whether you are not sure which products you need or you would like to learn more about our sustainably sourced Oak, we will be happy to chat about your timber requirements. We can also help with providing advice on options available for each product, including grading and delivery lead times, and additional services to make installation easier (such as pre-drilling your timber or adding Grip-Choice to your decking).


Why Choose Oak?

Oak is one of the most popular timber species available for construction, and we knew it was the right choice when creating a collection of products made from one species. Durable, low-maintenance and incredibly strong, it is a perfect choice for construction projects which are built to last. It is also unique in that it is both strong and malleable, making it a versatile timber which is suitable for a wide variety of projects.


Order Oak Products

If you would like to learn more about any of the Oak products, or order your own timber for a landscaping project, get in touch with our team and we will guide you through the process. For a natural, sustainable and durable solution for your construction, Oak is the clear solution.

Oak car ports

Oak porches

Oak sleepers

Oak flooring

Oak pergolas

Oak beams

Oak timber frame

Oak related insights

Traditional oak frame houses and buildings – why are they so desirable?

Quintessentially British, timber-framed buildings are once more some of the most in-demand homes available. From beautifully traditional Oak beams running across the ceilings of your living room to hidden frames which provide quick structure and support, there is nothing quite like a home with wooden foundations. But why do we love traditional Oak frame houses and buildings so much? Let us take a look.

Durability of oak frame houses + how to treat external oak beams

Thinking about Oak for your construction project? Good choice! As a timber species, Oak is one of the most well-known, mostly thanks to its beautiful appearance and strength. But above all else, what really sets Oak apart from other timber choices is its great durability, ensuring that the homes, pubs and other buildings you design will last for tens or even hundreds of years to come.

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