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Fenders are a crucial product in the marine industry. Keeping boats and docks safe from the impact of collisions, as well as protecting structures out at sea such as oil rigs, and are a must for coastal construction. But should you choose sustainable timber or recycled plastic for your fenders? Let’s take a look.

Why Choose Recycled Plastic Fenders?

As environmental concerns become increasingly important in construction, it is a no-brainer to choose recycled materials over raw alternatives. That is why we choose to supply recycled plastic fenders, giving UK organisations more eco-friendly options for their marine projects. By opting for recycled plastic, you help to keep waste out of landfills and promote a circular economy where waste materials are repurposed rather than thrown away.

Aside from the green bonus of our recycled plastic fenders, you will also be opting for a super tough and durable material. Plastic is well-suited to marine applications as it is resistant to rot, decay and pests. You will also enjoy a lengthy lifespan, keeping your coastal project up and running for decades to come.

Maintenance is also a key consideration when it comes to your fenders. Particularly for structures out at sea, maintenance and repairs can be costly and difficult tasks. Luckily, if made from plastic, your fenders will require very little upkeep to work as they should.

Why Choose Sustainable Timber Fenders?

The other sustainable option for your fenders is FSC or PEFC-certified timber, with which our team at EcoChoice can also kit you out. The main perk of timber over recycled plastic is that it is a renewable, biodegradable resource. In terms of the eco-friendliness of your project, sustainable timber is going to give you better green points and help keep our oceans free of pollution.

Of course, not all timber fenders are eco-equals. That is why we specified that you will need PEFC or FSC-certified timber, promoting sustainable forestry practices which work to protect the land where your timber was grown.

Are There Disadvantages to Consider?

We have spoken about the pros of both recycled fenders and sustainable timber fenders, but what about the cons?

Of course, nothing is perfect and both have characteristics which you should take into account before making your final choice. Recycled plastic, for example, is not biodegradable and can ultimately contribute to plastic pollution. It is also not always the most aesthetically pleasing option, especially when compared to a well-maintained timber.

If you opt for timber fenders, your main consideration should be upkeep. Though some species, e.g. Ekki, are very suited to marine applications and will last longer in contact with water, your wood is still going to need to be looked after in such a harsh environment. Treatments and repairs can be essential every year or so to keep your timber looking its best.

Make the Right Choice

It is impossible to say whether recycled plastic or sustainable timber is the better option for your fenders. That, of course, depends on your project! If you are still feeling a little confused, then our team at EcoChoice will be happy to lend a hand. Simply get in touch with some details about your project and we will match you with the perfect material for your eco-friendly fenders.

Image: Irene Fox / Shutterstock.com

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