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If you love natural timber cladding you’ll obviously appreciate the glorious way it interacts with its environment. Natural timber takes on its local light and moisture and translates it into a range of silvers and greys that is unique to each façade.

However, some of us just can’t wait for that process to carry out in its own time and colour variability.

That’s why Ecochoice can offer Pre Weathered Chestnut cladding: it arrives to your project’s site address already silver grey (quite consistent colour) after undergoing a fully natural UV light treatment that simply accelerates what was going to take a few years in situ.

Here’s an example of a development project in London.

Our naturally Pre Weathered Chestnut cladding comes from PEFC certified European forests and is available in a range of widths (all 20mm thick): 90mm / 110mm / 130mm / 140mm and 160mm.

Standard profiles include TGV, tongue-and-groove, rombous, ship lap and feather edge.

Please contact us with your project details and we’ll be happy to send you prices and more details.

Chestnut related insights

Spotlight on Species: Chestnut

While there are many types of chestnut trees including American, Asian, and European, we are going to be focusing on the Sweet Chestnut, as it is the most commonly used variety in timber construction projects.

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