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Unveiling the Beauty of Thermowood®

Natural Aesthetics:

Thermowood cladding exudes natural beauty with its warm tones and distinctive grain patterns. Elevate the aesthetics of your space with a material that seamlessly integrates with both modern and traditional designs.

Enhanced Durability:

Derived from sustainably sourced softwood such as Pine, Thermowood undergoes a thermal modification process, enhancing its durability and resistance to decay. Experience cladding that withstands the test of time, ensuring a lasting impression on your exterior surfaces.

Stability in All Climates:

Thermowood’s thermal modification not only increases durability but also imparts great dimensional stability. Enjoy cladding that remains resistant to warping, swelling, and shrinking, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing finish for any climate.

Applications of Thermowood Cladding

Residential Sophistication:

Transform the exterior of your home and garden with Thermowood cladding. Achieve a sophisticated and modern look while benefiting from the material’s durability and low maintenance requirements.

Commercial Statements:

Make a lasting impression on commercial spaces with Thermowood cladding. Its versatility allows for a range of design possibilities, from sleek and contemporary to classic and refined.

Outdoor Resilience:

Thermowood cladding is well-suited for outdoor applications, including facades, decks, and garden walls. Revel in the resilience of Thermowood as it weathers the elements with grace, maintaining its natural beauty.


We machine Thermowood cladding according to your project’s design and requirements, including vertical and horizontal cladding. Usual profiles include shiplap, tongue-and-groove, TGV and rhombus profiles. Lengths from 1.8 to 6.0m

Sustainability at its Core

Eco-Friendly Choice:

Opt for Thermowood cladding and make an eco-conscious choice. The thermal modification process is chemical-free, and the wood is sourced from FSC® and PEFC® responsibly managed forests, ensuring a sustainable solution for your projects.

Reduced Maintenance Needs:

The durability of Thermowood not only contributes to sustainability but also reduces the need for frequent maintenance. Enjoy a cladding solution that stands strong with minimal upkeep.

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