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Suitable Timber Species

Our team has extensive knowledge of timber species and their individual characteristics. We can therefore match your unique project requirements to the correct timber, ensuring your construction lasts for decades to come.

Though we know every project is different, we do have some recommendations for different species which we have supplied for past agricultural projects. These are outlined in the chart below:

Solutions Typical Species
Post and rail fences Oak, Chestnut, Softwood, Tropical
Horse stable tongue-and-groove boards Denya, Okan, Ekki
Stakes, posts and pegs Treated Softwood
Sleepers Oak, Treated Softwood, Ekki

These are not the only solutions we provide. Whether you are looking for a new cow shed or a gate for your farm entrance, we can help.

Straight forward delivery

We have no minimum order for timber deliveries, ensuring no waste. Our team can deliver your order straight to your project site, working with your schedule to ensure your construction runs smoothly. Your timber can be pre-sawn and pre-drilled to your specifications, allowing for quick, efficient installation when it arrives on-site. We can also create custom profiles, following your designs for agricultural products which fit into the look of your site.

Sustainably Sourced Timber

All our timber at EcoChoice is FSC or PEFC certified, coming from responsibly managed forests. No matter the species you choose, we will ensure that it is not harming the planet. Sustainable forestry works to reduce deforestation and minimise the impact of felling trees on the natural landscape. When they are removed, it is done carefully to ensure the forest can still thrive and there are plenty of trees left to keep it alive.

Sustainable timber has a positive impact on everyone. From the animals living in the forests to the local communities, ethically sourced timber helps protect the land relied on by people for generations, and also secures vulnerable habitats. It is better for the planet, keeping the lungs of our Earth intact.

Why Choose Timber?

For agricultural buildings and constructions, timber is often the go-to choice. Many species of timber are incredibly durable without treatment, such as Ekki and Oak. They are resistant to rot and insect attack, making them a low-maintenance option which can withstand the challenges of being outdoors. Treatments are available for less durable species, too. Thermodified wood, for example, subjects the timber to heat and pressure, which makes it suitable for exterior applications.

Of course, timber is also a beautiful option for construction. It blends in seamlessly with the natural setting and has a softer look than other materials, such as metal or plastic. Paint it, stain it or leave it to weather naturally for a beautiful farm building of which you can be proud.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in ordering timber for your equestrian centre or farm, or you would like to learn more about the options available, do get in touch with our team. When it comes to your timber needs, we are always happy to help!

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