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OrganoWood is a new, revolutionary product that combines ecological treatment and footpring with high performance durability.

By taking inspiration from Nature’s own protection process – fossilisation – natural minerals are bound into the timber’s cells making it rot proof and even fire resistant.

Silica (the second most abundant compound found on the Earth’s crust) is used to creat a layer of defence that is both natural and effective in protecting the decking against both rot and fire. This revolutionary technology does away with the commonly found heavy biocides that are poisonous to health and environment and have to be discarded as hazardous waste. OrganoWood decking on the other hand can be easily recycled just like untreated timber.

OrganoWood decking has received several awards (and can already be found across a range of projects: from schools, piers and public areas (including swimming pools) to corporate spaces and roof top gardens.

The base material is high quality Swedish pine (FSC or PEFC certified) and is available in standard sections for quick delivery from a range of sizes, grades and treatments.

OrganoWood® modified decking timber is available in a variety of sizes and in four different qualities.


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OrganoWood – How it’s Transforming the Decking World

If you are looking into timber for construction, you probably already know that it is a sustainable option. In fact that may have been why you chose it in the first place! But within the world of timber, there is a lot of variety and some choices aren’t as eco-friendly as others. If you want to go green, make sure you find timber that is sourced and manufactured with the planet in mind.

Which types of wood are best for timber decking

When it comes to decking for a garden, a larger landscaping project or even a pier, there are a lot of options out there. Depending on both your budget and what you want the decking to look like, there are many options for you to choose from. Here we discuss the different types of wood that are best for decking to help you choose the correct wood for your next project.

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