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For optimised safety in both public and private decking projects, EcoChoice offers Grip-Choice: a range of anti-slip solutions which can be easily fitted to any deck, improving the slip-resistance and safety of your project. Carefully designed and manufactured to premium quality standards, these are the hallmark of anti-slip products, providing you with a secure solution which does not compromise the look of your deck.

What Is Grip-Choice?

Grip-Choice is an anti-slip strip which can be applied to your decking before or after installation. Recommended by our timber experts, these strips will provide a stable deck surface with plenty of friction, even in wet weather, to reduce the chance of trips and falls. From damp decking boards to surface mildew, Grip-Choice counteracts the factors which can make decking slippery, resulting in a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing solution.

How Is Grip-Choice Installed

Your deck boards can have between 1 and 3 Grip-Choice strips, depending on the width of each board and the slip resistance you seek. We will be happy to pre-fit your deck boards with Grip-Choice as a single product, delivering them straight to your site ready to be fixed and preventing any delays in construction.

You can also retro-fit the strips to your boards. We will send you individual 1-metre Grip-Choice strips which are designed to be easily screwed into the grooves of your deck boards by your contractor, either before installing your decking or after. If your decking is already up and in use, this is the simplest option to upgrade its slip resistance – and safety.

Is Grip-Choice Suitable For All Decking?

Yes. We are pleased to announce that Grip-Choice is available on our full range of sustainable decking at EcoChoice, including:

If you already have a deck which has not been provided by our team, be sure to get in touch with us before ordering so we can ensure your deck is the right match for Grip-Choice.

Why Do You Need Grip-Choice?

Especially in wet or frosty weather, your decking can become slippery. This is completely normal but can be a concern if you have little ones running around your garden or adults who are not as stable on their feet. By installing Grip-Choice, you add plenty of grip to your sustainable timber decking, making walking on it easier and safer. Even just for your peace of mind, Grip-Choice is a worthwhile investment.

Our anti-slip retrofit metal strips are of premium quality, designed to last for years and without compromising the look of your outdoor deck. Slotting perfectly into the grooves of your deck, they are a simple solution to a slippery problem.

Learn More About Grip-Choice

If you are interested in Grip-Choice but would like to learn more before you add it to your decking, talk to our team today. We will be happy to help you ascertain if it will suit your deck boards, how many strips you need, and whether it is the right solution for your outdoor decking.

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