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For commercial, public and private projects, we at Ecochoice provide bespoke timber stakes and bollards to meet your specifications. Built for outdoor use, our premium stakes and bollards are durable, strong, and designed to stand the test of time. Crafted from FSC-certified durable timber, they are also the sustainable option for your project ensuring a greener future for all of us.

Standard and Bespoke Stakes and Bollards

Stakes and bollards are a vital part of many outdoor spaces. They can be used to separate private and public spaces, signify pedestrian-only areas, protect verges and much more. We can also add flat or 4-way weathered tops to square bollards, as well as reflective strips to ensure they are visible in high-traffic areas.

At EcoChoice, we can deliver both standard and bespoke stakes and bollards directly to your project site. Whether you are looking for round bollards in common sizes or square stakes built to custom measurements, our team will find what you are seeking. Our range also includes peeled or cundy posts and stakes. These can then be machine rounded for a more sophisticated look.

Premium Hardwood Timber

It is crucial that stakes and bollards are crafted from timber which is durable enough for outside use, and more specifically, for direct ground contact (also known as hazard class 4). At EcoChoice, we recommend tropical or temperate hardwoods which are known for their strength and rot resistance, such as:

Each of these species is tough and hard-wearing, with little maintenance required to keep them standing year after year.

Sustainable Timber Sourcing

At EcoChoice, we specialise in sourcing FSC-certified timber which is harvested from responsibly managed forests. There is no over-harvesting or depletion of a native species, with the landscape left to replenish naturally to ensure the forest stands for generations to come. Local habitats are protected, ecosystems are supported and local communities are respected.

When you work with EcoChoice to source timber for your stakes and bollards, you are guaranteeing sustainable practices for the benefit of our planet.

Highly Durable Treated Timber

Though some species of timber can last for many years without treatment, we also offer preservative-treated options for your stakes and bollards to extend their lifespan. This includes pressure treatments, such as tanalith impregnation, or even OrganoWood, in which the timber is treated with eco silica instead of harsh chemicals to create a hardier wood for your outdoor construction.

Why Choose Timber?

Timber is a common material used for stakes and bollards. Partly this is because of timber’s natural strength and durability. But it is also a more aesthetically pleasing option than other choices, such as cement or metal which are harder to transport and handle on site. Timber also blends seamlessly with the natural landscape, creating a gentler look than manmade materials and appearing more in keeping with any surroundings.

On-Site Delivery

Receive your sustainable timber stakes and bollards when you need them, where you need them. We are happy to deliver to construction sites and will work with your schedules for hassle-free delivery. Our stakes and bollards can be planed, sawn and profiled to your exact specifications to allow for quick installation.

Get in Touch With Our Team

If you have a project which would benefit from timber bollards or stakes and you would like to find out more about the options available at EcoChoice, feel free to get in touch with our team. We will be happy to give you more information and match you to the right timber for your needs.

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