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EcoChoice is a prominent fixture in the marine construction industry, where products need to perform in exceptional circumstances. From fluctuating temperatures to which will stand the test of time. That is where we come in, providing high-quality timber which is ideal for marine construction.

EcoChoice Marine Construction Projects

Our timber decking features in marine projects around the UK. You can spot some of our durable marine hardwood decking solutions at:

As well as many other sea, river and canal works.

Marine Timber Species

Every marine project is different, and we will be happy to recommend you a timber which is suited to your specific needs. Generally, though, we supply FSC-certified Ekki and Opepe, as well as occasionally Angelim and even Greenheart . These are durable timbers which are resistant to rot, marine borers and temperature fluctuations, making them ideal for withstanding the pressures of marine applications.

Bespoke Timber

Section sizes for marine decking start from 35x145mm and go all the way to 115x300mm. Your deck boards can be smooth or grooved to meet your requirements, come in a range of different profiles and may even include strips of anti-slip pre-installed into grooves. We also provide the joists, bearers and posts as well as any other timber products you need for your marine construction, including:

To save time on site, we can also ship your marine timber decking pre-assembled as large panels, allowing for easy, hassle-free installation. Alternatively, we will deliver the components as sawn, regularised, chamfered, drilled and/or planed sections for your team to assemble on site.

If you have unique requirements, we will be happy to help and can deliver custom-made decking which will suit your construction designs.

Anti-Slip Decking Strips

In wet environments, such as near the coast or by rivers and canals, it is common for decking to become wet – think of landing stages. In these scenarios, we provide Grip-Choice, a premium anti-slip strip which can be applied either before or after the installation of your timber decking area. Adding plenty of friction to your deck, they will create a stable and safe platform to walk on and counteract the slipperiness and mildew with a high-quality long-lasting finish.

Sustainably Sourced Timber

At EcoChoice, all our timber is FSC-certified, including anything supplied for marine applications. Sourced from sustainably managed forests which focus on keeping the natural landscape thriving, any trees harvested from the woodland are left to be replaced naturally. Local habitats, ecosystems and communities are respected, and no one species of tree is ever over-harvested.

Get in Touch With Us

If you are planning a marine decking construction project and you need high-quality, durable timber, get in touch with our team at EcoChoice. We will be happy to follow your brief to a T or guide you through the process to help you create marine decking you will love.

Rivers & canals

Sea defence


Fenders for canals, harbours and docks are a great solution in durable timber and recycled plastic and HDPE. Hard to withstand day-to-day use yet soft so it doesn't damage boats.

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