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As one of the most durable and beautiful timbers available, Ipe is in high demand. Make sure yours is always of the highest quality and sustainably sourced with our UK-based team at EcoChoice.

What is Ipe?

Known in the trade as the Rolls-Royce of hardwood decking, Ipe is a species of tree which is native to the Brazilian rainforest. What makes this a standout timber is its remarkable resemblance to the much coveted Mahogany. With the same rich colouring and lustre, it is an environmentally friendly alternative, meaning you can get the same look without using an endangered tree species.

Ipe Products at EcoChoice

At EcoChoice, we supply Ipe for all sorts of projects, including domestic projects and commercial construction. Some of the most frequent applications for which we see Ipe being used include:

Its hardy nature makes it ideal for outdoor projects, with decking the most popular use we see for this tropical timber. Weather resistant and low-maintenance, it can handle a lot of external threats without showing signs of damage. We also supply Ipe for indoor use, including hardwood flooring and authentic (albeit quite heavy!) timber furniture.

If you have an application for Ipe which we have not mentioned, we would be happy to help. With bespoke services and useful industry connections, we can bring almost any timber project to life.

Why Choose Ipe Timber?

Ipe is renowned for its remarkable durability, making it a top choice for outdoor applications. It resists decay, insects and extreme weather conditions whilst remaining stable and beautiful, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.

It is hard and strong, and therefore can withstand heavy loads and shocks without a hitch. If your timber is likely to see a lot of foot traffic or wear, you will be happy with Ipe.

The warm, reddy-brown of the timber is an aesthetic perk which wins over a lot of our clients. What is more, the colour will continue to mature over time, becoming deeper and richer. With a smooth texture and tight grain, it will add a luxurious finish to any project and elevate your space, both indoors and out.

Ipe Decking

Given its incredible characteristics, Ipe is usually only available in planks. This makes it a top choice for decking, where the standard sizes are 19×90 or 19x140mm. Most customers prefer the smooth profile so that Ipe’s beautiful grain can take centre stage. Smooth cladding is also available as long as you have a good substructure and very strong fixings.

Sustainability at EcoChoice

At EcoChoice, we go beyond providing exceptional timber; we are committed to sustainable practices. By choosing Ipe, you join us in the journey towards a greener, more responsible future.

As Mahogany is an endangered species, we like to point clients towards sustainable Ipe as an eco-friendly alternative. Sourced from FSC or PEFC-certified forests, all our Ipe (and every timber species we supply) is harvested responsibly from well-managed forests, where conservation, biodiversity and the environment are all prioritised.

Get in Touch

Here at EcoChoice, we are always happy to help you find the right timber for your project. Whether you think that should be Ipe or not, you can get in touch with us with more details of your construction plans and we will be happy to match you with the right wood. If you are set on Ipe, let us know and we will get your order underway.

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