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At EcoChoice, we supply UK projects with sustainably sourced Balau timber. From decking and cladding to footbridges and fenders, this is an ideal timber species for external applications where durability is a must.

Balau Timber Products

Balau is a popular decking timber which is used across a range of industries. It is well-suited to both domestic and heavy construction work as well as applications which require a tough, durable timber, including:

For boat building and marine applications, Balau has exceptional resistance to rot caused by water, making it a strong contender for everything from fenders to piers. In fact, Yellow Balau is famous in the timber industry for being budget-friendly while also being in the top bracket for strength, durability and stability, making it a firm favourite amongst experts.

At EcoChoice, our team supplies Balau timber in a range of profiles, sizes and finishes. We can follow your exact design specifications for bespoke timber products delivered straight to your construction site.

What is Balau Timber?

From Southeast Asia, this hardwood timber is a strong and sturdy species. The name ‘Balau’ actually incorporates a wide range of trees in the Shorea Laevis and Shorea Robusta families. This is why you might hear Balau being spoken of as Yellow Balau and Red Balau.

They have slight differences, but both Balau species have exceptional natural durability, strength and resistance to decay, putting them in the top tier of long-lasting timbers.

Yellow Balau and Red Balau

Named after the colours you see in the heartwood, the main difference between Red Balau and Yellow Balau is their appearance.

  • Yellow Balau is a golden yellow-brown and is most commonly found in Malaysia. This is the stronger and more durable of the options.
  • Red Balau is a darker, deeper red-brown, which is very rich in colour and lends a more traditional look to your project. Typically, you will find Red Balau in Indonesia, as well as India, Pakistan, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

Sustainable Balau Timber

It is important to note that Red Balau is an endangered species. As a slow-growing tree which is in high demand, over-harvesting has led to the depletion of Red Balau. This is why it is so important that you source any Balau timber responsibly, which is where we come in.

At EcoChoice, we only ever supply timber, including Balau, from responsibly managed forests, and specifically Yellow Balau for hardwood decking projects. It is certified by globally recognised organisations including the FSC and PEFC, organisations whose remit allows any trees they fell to be replenished naturally, and never allows the overharvesting of any one species. The local wildlife, plantlife and indigenous communities are protected, and our world’s woodlands are kept safe for future generations.

Find Balau Timber at EcoChoice

Yellow Balau is one of the most durable timber species available. Whether you have a one-off project for which Balau would be perfect, or you are in the construction industry and are looking for a tough timber, we can help. Get in touch with us to learn more about our products or start your Balau order today.

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