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The most beautiful buildings are clad in timber (in our humble opinion), an ever-changing feast of colours, grains, patterns and tones available natural, pre-weathered or stained and fire-treated.


Nothing beats timber for decking, so we have an extra wide range of options to the trade: softwoods, hardwoods, smooth, grooved, anti-slip and strength graded for just about any project application you can think of.

Ground works


Marine timbers

Jacking Timbers

Jacking timbers are a specialist product we supply to the lifting industry.

Sawn timber

Hardwood trees are usually deciduous (sheds leaves every year) and broad-leaved. The main definition of a hardwood (angiosperm) is that of a tree where the seeds are covered by some sort of protection (a fruit or perhaps a shell).



Ecochoice offers a complete range of round and square durable timber piles. Suitable for civil and marine applications, these reliable solutions are not only cost effective but also easy on the eye and on the environment.

Graded structural timbers

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