Oak Timber

Oak is a strong, low-maintenance, durable, attractive timber that is, often, at the foundation of a quality building or landscape project.

Oak is a very broad family (Quercus genus) of trees, which is mainly divided between red and white oaks. Famous species include Quercus rubur, Quercus petraea and Quercus sessiliflora

Easily found across the northern hemisphere, the most common oaks in the UK are Quercus petraea (sessile oak) and Quercus rubur (pedunculate oak).

The most versatile of timbers, Oak begins soft and malleable but dries hard and durable. This makes it an excellent wood choice for a wide range of projects.

Although there's very little difference in the timber between these species, their properties depend a lot upon where it grows (much like the wine its barrels help to mature). Oaks from Central Europe tend to have density of 670kg/m3, while UK and Western European oaks are a bit heavier, at 720kg/m3.

Interior builds can use the wood for framing, exposed beams, flooring and decorative features, although it's best to ensure these are kiln or air dried to prevent the distortions that fresh sawn or green oak usually presents as it dries. Outdoors it can be used for cladding, fencing, decking, baulks, beams, stakes, fenders, waterworks and any number of landscaping needs including retaining walls, footpaths, sleepers and raised beds.

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