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At EcoChoice, we deliver durable, sustainable timber cut and shaped as marine fenders for your harbour or pier projects. Strong and tough, our timber fenders are the ideal way to protect your assets from damage whilst never compromising the look of your site. From Oak to Ekki, our team will work to deliver what you need straight to your site.

Durable Timber Fenders

Our timber fenders are available in large sections in a wide variety of suitable timber species, including Ekki, Opepe and Oak. Every species we recommend will be appropriate for use in or around water, as well as strong enough to withstand forceful impacts from vessels.

We deliver fenders in bespoke shapes and sizes. Each component can be cut, planed, chamfered and drilled (countersunk as standard) according to your design requirements, ensuring the perfect fit. This includes planed fenders, such as those we provided for the Putney Embankment Foreshore project along the Thames in London.

What Are Fenders?

Marine fenders are designed to absorb the impact of vessels. Usually made up of timber beams or posts, they protect sea, river and canal assets from crashes, scrapes and weakening over time. Common marine assets which require fenders include walls, pipelines, lock gate doors and piers. Offshore wind turbines and oil refineries also benefit from the added protection which fenders provide.

What About Recycled Plastic Fenders?

If you would prefer to use plastic for your fenders, EcoChoice will be happy to help. Sticking with our sustainable values, we will source and deliver fenders made entirely from recycled plastic, helping reduce landfill waste and prevent the need for new, non-renewable materials. When conducting a marine project, respect for the environment is key. Choosing either certified sustainable timber or recycled plastic is a simple way to ensure you are doing your bit.

Sustainable Timber Fenders

All the timber we use to build our fenders is sourced from independently certified, responsibly managed forests. Here, timber harvesting is always done sustainably. With eco-friendly practices in place, the natural landscape is preserved, habitats are protected and trees are left to thrive for future generations.

Sustainable forestry ensures that the area is never over-harvested, and for every tree removed the land is left to replenish naturally. When you opt for EcoChoice to source your marine hardwood fenders, you are helping to reduce deforestation and support natural environments around the world.

Delivered Straight to Your Site

We have worked with project managers and construction teams for years, so we understand the deadlines and requirements of both large and small-scale projects. That is why we work with you to ensure our deliveries are convenient and on time. Fitting with your schedule, we will deliver sustainable fenders straight to your site, pre-drilled and ready for installation. Convenient and reliable, you can rely on us to keep your fender installation on schedule.

Source Sustainable Fenders

Whether you are working on a canal or river restoration project or planning the construction for offshore wind turbines, our fenders ensure the work you put in will last for decades to come. To learn more about our eco-friendly fenders, get in touch with our timber experts at EcoChoice.

Recycled plastic fenders

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