Timber Piles

Ecochoice offers a complete range of round and square durable timber piles. Suitable for civil and marine applications, these reliable solutions are not only cost effective but also easy on the eye and on the environment.

Species include FSC® certified Greeheart, Ekki, Oak and recently introduced FSC certified Cloeziana, which has excellent qualities:

  • FSC 100% certified
  • straight trunk
  • very small taper, approx. 20 mm per metre
  • durability class 1 = extremely durable
  • resistant to marine borers 
  • easy to saw, especially if the wood is fresh
  • gluing: good
  • good surface finish
  • minimum bending

Examples of FSC certified Cloeziana uses

  • mooring poles
  • substructures for bridges
  • piling
  • breakwater constructions
  • culvert works
  • retaining walls