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At EcoChoice, we have been working with the revolutionary Scandinavian company OrganoWood for 8 years, and are delighted to bring their innovative timber to the UK market. Using a natural treatment, they have transformed abundant high-quality Swedish Pine into a durable wood which is resistant to fire and fungal attacks, applying lessons learnt from the natural world into construction. Discover OrganoWood and transform your architectural projects with EcoChoice.

What Is OrganoWood?

OrganoWood is the future of environmentally friendly timber protection, enhancing the wood’s properties to create a more durable, safe construction material. Using bio-mimicry techniques, the OrganoWood team created a technology which mimics the natural fossilisation process, creating a wood which is naturally designed to last and is resistant to decay. By impregnating a protective silicon compound directly into the fibres of the wood, they have discovered a way to naturally extend the lifespan of the timber without the use of harsh chemicals.

OrganoWood is mainly used for decking and cladding projects.

Find OrganoWood at EcoChoice

Made in Sweden, OrganoWood has not always been easily available to the UK market. Now, though, we make it easy to source this durable, ecologically modified timber for your construction projects, wherever you are in Britain. Working directly with OrganoWood, we can deliver their pre-treated timber in a range of profiles directly to your construction site, ready to be installed.

We also deliver OrganoWood’s treatment solutions, which can be applied to already installed timber to provide excellent protection and enhance any wood’s properties.

A Sustainable Solution

Previously, timber was treated with harmful chemicals such as Copper, Chromium and Arsenic. These heavy metal biocides were designed to kill the fungi and micro-organisms which usually attack the wood. However, these poisonous compounds could also leach into the surrounding environment. Over time, some of the components used were so harmful that they were banned from use by the UK government.

OrganoWood’s unique and revolutionary approach of using Silicon Dioxide (Silica) to treat the timber is a much healthier, eco-friendly alternative. Entirely natural, it is not toxic to human health or the surrounding environment, whilst effectively improving the wood’s flame resistance and resistance to fungal attacks.

Minimal Maintenance

Aside from the durability perks, OrganoWood is also incredibly low maintenance. Your timber will not need oiling and will weather over a quicker time to an attractive silver-grey which is very much in demand. It looks like authentic, natural timber (which it is) but now it has the properties of treated wood.

OrganoWood Projects

OrganoWood has currently been used to design buildings across a range of industries, including:

  • Schools
  • Public projects
  • Hotels
  • Housing

In the UK, you can see OrganoWood in action at the PassivHaus project in Manchester and a school project in London. Find out more about how it is transforming the world of decking or order your own OrganoWood to see the benefits in action.

Source Premium OrganoWood in the UK

At EcoChoice, we are a proud supplier of official OrganoWood products in the UK, including decking and cladding timber. Sustainable and durable, it is a smart option for exterior building works which will stay standing for decades to come. To learn more or start your OrganoWood order, get in touch with our team today and we will be happy to help.

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