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What is Cloeziana?

As one of the most durable timber species, Cloeziana is suitable for a wide variety of external applications. In particular, it is a popular choice for marine applications, where its natural resistance to rot, straight pole shape and cost-effective price tag make it a fantastic match. You can find it as mooring poles, pillars for piers, pontoons and walkways and sea-defence groynes.

Eucalyptus Cloeziana (also known by its botanical name Gympie Messmate) is native to Australian forests, specifically in the Gympie District in Southern Australia. Now, though, it is frequently sourced from plantations in Africa, where the fast-growing nature of the tree makes it a sustainable option for your construction projects.

At EcoChoice, we source Cloeziana from responsibly managed African plantations and forests which prioritise conservation. Make your project more eco-friendly with our FSC-certified Cloeziana.

Cloeziana Products at EcoChoice

Some of the projects for which we frequently supply FSC-certified Cloeziana include:

We are able to supply Cloeziana in its natural pole form or as a sawn timber. For a unique project or a bespoke design, we will be happy to work with you to deliver the Cloeziana timber you need straight to your construction site.

Why Choose Cloeziana Timber?

Cloeziana is a durability class 1-2 timber, meaning that it is extremely hard-wearing. The timber has a natural resistance to marine borers, rot and insect infestation, and does not have to be treated or modified before use.

In terms of strength, Cloeziana has been found to be equivalent to D50-D70 – please ask us for the technical report.

The tree itself grows as a straight, strong trunk which is one of the reasons it is a go-to material for timber piles. It’s easy to saw, has minimum bending and a good surface finish. It is also cheaper than similar timbers, including Ekki and Greenheart, while still providing your project with a strong, durable timber.

Cloeziana as a Sustainable Timber

As a quick-growing tree, Cloeziana plantations can capture a high amount of CO₂  making this an eco-friendly building material for your projects. The natural durability also means you do not have to apply chemicals to maintain the wood, protecting our natural landscape from pollution.

For an added green bonus, all the Cloeziana we supply at EcoChoice is grown in FSC-certified forests. Here they work to prevent over-harvesting and protect the lands on and surrounding the woodlands. With respect for wildlife, local communities and the trees themselves, you will be making a positive choice for the planet by choosing FSC-certified Cloeziana.

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