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Here at EcoChoice, we supply projects around the UK with responsibly sourced Cumaru. Rich in colour and incredibly dense, it is one of our most popular timber species because it caters for both domestic builds, commercial construction and even street furniture.

Cumaru Timber Products

Because of its incredible strength and resilience against rot, Cumaru comes highly recommended by our team for outdoor use. Some of the most popular applications we see for this trendy timber include:

However, with an aesthetic appeal to match its hardiness, Cumaru does not only have to stay outside. From office cabinets to contemporary coffee tables, it also makes for luxurious timber furniture which looks just at home inside as it does outside.

Bespoke Cumaru Products

At EcoChoice, we can deliver Cumaru beams and planks in standard and custom sizes straight to your project site. We are also happy to work with your specific requirements, creating bespoke Cumaru products to suit your exact needs. From pre-fabricated footbridges ready for installation to unique bannisters for staircases, we will be happy to help with whatever you need.

What is Cumaru?

Cumaru (also known as Brazilian Teak and Golden Teak or by the botanical name Dipteryx odorata) is a hardwood sourced from Central and South America. It is durable, dense and resistant to rot, making it a hardy choice for your projects which will require little maintenance.

The heartwood is either a deep, rich brown with red undertones or a darker, chocolatey brown.

Over time, it is not unusual to see your Cumaru become darker and more vivid as the wood gently matures. This strong colour gives the timber a fine aesthetic to rival the likes of Mahogany. To maintain the lustre and rich tones running through the surface, we recommend maintaining Cumaru with high-quality finishes and oils. – when outside and untreated, Cumaru acquires a lovely soft grey colour

Cumaru Characteristics

Cumaru is one of the hardest, densest timbers on the market. It will cope with a lot of wear and tear without showing it and does not damage easily, which is one of the reasons it is so popular for outdoor use such as decking or street furniture.

Your timber will have an exceptionally long service life and can last for decades even with minimal maintenance. Cumaru is also very stable so when used in humid environments or externally, it tends to shrink or warp minimally. It also does not need to be pre-treated to withstand outdoor use – that’s what we call “naturally durable”.

Exterior Furniture

Cumaru is particularly well-suited to exterior furniture, making it one of our top recommendations for your outdoor benches. Tough and stable, it can deal with harsh weather conditions with ease and does not need to be pre-treated, making it the easy choice for your external spaces exposed to constant public use.

We supply Cumaru outdoor furniture for both public and commercial spaces, as well as private gardens.

Sustainably Sourced Cumaru

When you choose EcoChoice to supply your Cumaru timber, you will be making a sustainable choice. All our timber species, including Cumaru, are sourced from responsibly managed, certified forests where conservation is key. We source from either FSC or PEFC certified forest owners who must:

  • Never over-harvest a species
  • Allow forests to replenish naturally
  • Encourage biodiversity
  • Respect local indigenous communities

Fighting deforestation and keeping the world’s woodlands safe for generations to come, these organisations are crucial for the future of our planet. Support sustainable forestry with EcoChoice.

Find Cumaru at EcoChoice

No matter the project you have in mind, we can help by supplying premium Cumaru timber. Hardy, durable and long-lasting, it is a beautiful timber to bring your designs to life.

To learn more about our services or start your order, get in touch with our team today.

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At EcoChoice we are tree enthusiasts, specialising in sustainable timber and all of its uses. With that in mind, we would like to introduce you to one of our favourite timber species, Cumaru, so that you can dive headfirst into this astonishing world.

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