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In the construction industry, timber is not the only sustainable building material. Recycled plastic is an increasingly popular green choice, keeping waste products from the landfill and cutting back on raw materials used in building. If you are looking to reduce the environmental impact of your project, combining sustainable timber and recycled plastic is a great idea!

But what building products are currently available in this eco-conscious material? Let’s take a look.

Recycled Plastic Decking

We supply 100% recycled plastic decking for eco-friendly UK construction projects. Partnering with innovative Dutch manufacturers, the recycled decking boards intercept plastic on its way to landfills and turn it into high-quality, durable decking. It can be used for a variety of purposes, from small-scale garden decking to large public footbridges.

Recycled plastic decking comes with plenty of perks, including:

  • High durability
  • Resistance to rot, corrosion, decay and insect infestations
  • Easy to work with
  • Lightweight
  • No movement in the boards

If you are looking for an alternative to timber which requires no maintenance, recycled plastic decking maintains eco-friendly standards while meeting all your easy upkeep requirements.

Recycled Plastic Cladding

When timber cladding does not fit the bill, you might have better luck with recycled plastic cladding. Just like timber decking, this never rots and needs very little maintenance to stay looking fresh, making it particularly useful for large buildings where your cladding boards are hard to reach.

It can also be made to look like timber, with a consistent grain pattern.

Recycled Plastic Fenders

Timber is a great choice for fenders and is hardy enough to withstand constant submersion in salt water. However when you are looking for something a little different, recycled plastic also has you covered. Used to protect other products (such as piers, oil rigs and harbours) from the impact of vessels, recycled plastic fenders are able to take heavy impacts without so much as a splinter. They will also last forever, making them well worth the investment.

Recycled Plastic Piles

It might surprise some construction professionals or designers to know that recycled plastic is strong enough to make sturdy piles. Usually slightly cheaper than their timber alternatives, recycled plastic piling is easy to work with thanks to the lightweight material, and will not rot, even when in direct contact with the ground or with water.

Recycled Plastic Bearers

Bearers are typically made out of timber and used in decking, pier and bridge construction. They are the beams which are placed directly on the ground, wall or other supporting elements, and the joists are then laid over them.

When you are constructing with bearers and you cannot use timber, switch to recycled plastic for another eco-friendly option. As a strong material which can take a lot of weight without sagging or splitting, it is a solid choice for sturdy foundations.

Find More Recycled Plastic at EcoChoice

At EcoChoice, we are well known for providing sustainable timber to green projects around the UK, but we now supply recycled plastic products as well! We can deliver all the recycled plastic building materials mentioned above and more, so if you have a plastic need we have not mentioned, let us know and we will see if we can help.

For any questions or to start a recycled plastic order, get in touch with our team today.



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