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What Is Iroko?

Iroko is an exceptionally durable hardwood timber, native to the West Coast of Africa. The trees are very large, growing between 30-40 metres, and the timber is particularly well-suited to outdoor use. Sturdy and with super hard density, Iroko is often compared to Oak and Teak and is a firm favourite among construction workers and homeowners alike.

Iroko Uses

Generally, Iroko is fairly easy to work with, and its durability makes it appropriate for a variety of uses. Some of the most common Iroko applications include:

If you have a unique project in which you are considering using Iroko, feel free to reach out for advice from our timber experts.

Colour and Appearance

Iroko starts out having a golden-yellow colour, but over time quickly darkens and deepens into a medium golden brown, and then eventually an opulent, deep copper brown. Dark streaks run through the timber, and colour variation is expected between different boards. The rich, dark colour makes Iroko an incredibly popular choice for a range of applications.

Over time, as with most timber, Iroko will weather nicely to a silver-grey colour. To maintain the deep brown hue, treat it with stains and protective solutions, or let nature take its course and enjoy the natural silver of aged Iroko.

Why Choose Iroko?

Aside from its beautiful appearance, there are plenty of reasons to choose FSC-Certified Iroko for your construction. Highly seasoned, it is an oily hardwood with excellent natural resistance to insects, fungal attacks and rot, making it ideal for outdoor use. It can also withstand changes in humidity without high levels of shrinking and warping, making it suitable for marine applications.

It is dense, abrasion resistant and has great shock-absorbing properties. In general, this is going to be a pretty low-maintenance timber which will stand a lot of wear and tear without a hitch.

FSC-Certified Iroko from EcoChoice

At EcoChoice, we only ever source FSC-certified Iroko for your construction projects. Harvested from sustainably managed forests where the landscape is respected, every tree which is removed is left to be replaced naturally, helping maintain wooded areas for generations to come. No species is over-harvested, either, ensuring diversity in the forests so that living species relying on the trees can continue to thrive.

Source Sustainable Iroko Timber

If you are on the hunt for sustainable Iroko timber, we can help. At EcoChoice, we source Iroko for a wide range of uses and can saw, plane and profile the wood to your exact specifications so that it is ready to install as soon as it is delivered. To learn more or place your order, get in touch with our team today.

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Spotlight on Species: Iroko

The Iroko tree is sometimes known as the logo, lok or oji wood with many different names across Africa. It's often referred to as African teak although it's unrelated to the teak family. It’s also sometimes referred to as Mvule. This article will shine a spotlight on the species.

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