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An outdoor living space can bring both functionality and beauty to a garden. If you have the room, creating a sheltered area for alfresco dining, entertaining friends or kicking back with a cup of tea is a no-brainer. At EcoChoice, we source and deliver Oak Pergola components in a wide range of styles, custom-made to suit your space.

European Oak Pergolas

All Oak will be sustainably sourced from responsibly managed forests, and the timber will be sawn or planed to create your Pergola. Once finished, we will deliver it directly to your project site, ready for quick and efficient installation.

Oak Pergola Specifications

We have a number of options you can choose from when crafting your perfect Pergola. These include:

  • Colour or staining of the Oak
  • Treatments of the Oak
  • Sawn or planed smooth finish
  • Section size of vertical upright beams (planed): 94×94, 144×144, 194x194mm
  • Section size of horizontal beams (planed) 70×94, 70×120, 70×144, 70x194mm
  • Different lengths according to your needs.

Your garden landscape can be renewed with a bespoke Oak Pergola, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air whilst providing shelter from the elements. A classic piece of garden furniture, no outdoor space is complete without one.

Why Choose Oak?

Oak is one of the finest timbers available, and much-desired in the Pergola industry. It is a hardy timber species with great durability, withstanding rain and infestations to stand tall for decades. With proper maintenance, your Pergola could be a life-long investment.

It is also a beautiful choice, with a vibrant colour and characteristic grain. The versatility and low resin content of Oak also allow for easy staining and treatments, tailoring the aesthetic of the wood to suit your style.

Oak is also a heavy timber, making it ideal for Pergolas. The weight of the wood will keep the structure firmly on the ground without the need for a lengthy installation process.

If Oak is not for you, however, we also provide the same level of service using other timber species, such as Spruce, Pine or tropical hardwoods.

The Sustainable Choice

EcoChoice Oak is always sourced from responsibly managed, independently certified forests and woodland. Here, every tree removed from the landscape is given the time to be replaced naturally, ensuring the space remains lush with nature. Natural species and habitats are respected, as well as the local communities living around the forests. Timber sourcing and conservation are balanced perfectly, creating protected areas of land which will stand for generations to come.

If you would like to learn more about your options for an Oak Pergola or begin the process of ordering your own, reach out to our team today. We are experts in all things timber, and will be happy to answer any questions you have, and help you design a timber Pergola which is perfect for your outdoor space.

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