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As you embark on the journey of sprucing up your outdoor space, do not forget to choose a timber for your garden gate! The species you opt for can bring rustic charm, contemporary chic or a picket-fence-in-suburbia vibe, transforming your garden in one quick step. Different species are better suited to outdoor use, and your choice could make the difference between a gate which lasts a season and a gate which lasts a lifetime.

To help make the decision easier, we have whittled our top choices down to our 3 best picks: Iroko, Cumaru, and Oak. Each brings something a little different to the table, so we have taken a look at each so you can make the right choice for your timber gate.


Iroko (Milicia Excelsa) is a hardwood native to tropical Africa and has become well-known for its high density, giving it excellent durability and resistance to decay. In a beautiful golden to medium brown hue, it is not dissimilar to Teak in appearance and will bring a lot of warmth to a garden. It has great stability (meaning it will not swell and warp easily in humid conditions) and is resistant to rot and insect infestations, making it ideal for outdoor applications.

We love Iroko’s gorgeous grain and low-maintenance requirements. But it is good to note that, as a tropical hardwood, it can be a little pricier than some alternatives. However,if you need a timber which is going to deal with a lot of use, this could be your best bet.


Cumaru (Dipteryx Odorata) is another Teak look-alike! Also known as Brazilian Teak, this super dense, durable hardwood is native to South America and renowned for its beauty. Where Iroko is golden and warm, Cumaru is a rich, red-brown with a fine grain, making it a standout in the timber community. Just like Iroko, Cumaru has excellent resistance to rot and infestation, and thanks to the density, it is incredibly strong.

However, Cumaru can be a little trickier to work with than other timbers. If you are a beginner, you might want to put in some practice before beginning work with your beautiful Cumaru boards. It also comes with a bit of a price tag, so might not be the right option if you are on a budget.


Oak (Quercus) is Britain’s timber pride and joy. Widely known and readily available from local forests, this is another timber which is hardy and well-suited for outdoor use as a gorgeous gate. Compared to the tropical hardwoods, Oak is more pale in hue, with a light, creamy yellow which suits more rustic settings perfectly. As traditional, cottage-core vibes go, you cannot beat Oak.

It is also good to note that this is a more budget-friendly option. As hardwoods go, it is definitely on the more affordable side and can still withstand a lot of wear, tear and external threats without so much as a splinter.

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