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Quintessentially British, timber-framed buildings are once more some of the most in-demand homes available. From beautifully traditional Oak beams running across the ceilings of your living room to hidden frames which provide quick structure and support, there is nothing quite like a home with wooden foundations. But why do we love traditional Oak frame houses and buildings so much? Let us take a look.

Old-England Aesthetic

Although timber frame homes can easily be made to look contemporary (check out our blog on some of the most amazing buildings crafted from timber to see the proof), they can also have a beautifully old-England aesthetic with plenty of character. From the exterior exposed wooden beams of Tudor-style properties to the wooden detailing of traditional cottages, timber adds a rustic touch which appeals to many. It creates a cosy, homely atmosphere which draws us easily to it.

Modern and classic design, traditional methods

On the other side of the old-England look is a more contemporary style. Oak beams can still suit modern aesthetics, with contemporary designers incorporating natural Oak in lighter tones, higher timber framed ceilings, and curved timber to create a more open feel to the space. Of course, the designs will still benefit from classic joinery techniques and the traditional use of Oak as a building material but with a modern-day twist.

The Royal Oak

A Natural Resource

In a world which is increasingly digital, plastic and just generally artificial, being in a space which is crafted from a natural resource such as timber is wonderfully refreshing. Grown from the land, it blends the inside and outside world harmoniously. With natural aesthetics increasingly in demand and more evidence that a biophilic home is good for your mental health, we only expect timber to become more popular as a building material choice. Just make sure to choose FSC/PEFC-certified timber to protect the natural world as you build.

Speedy Construction

When building a home, timber is a fairly easy material with which to work. For both the property owners and the project managers, this makes it an undeniably desirable choice. When sourcing timber from a team which can deliver bespoke beams, such as EcoChoice, you can have your timber pre-drilled, sawn and planed to your specifications so that it is ready to install as soon as it arrives on-site. There is no rush to get it in as there is with concrete, and it is easier to manipulate and adjust than steel.


There is a reason why you can still see Tudor Oak beams on buildings, and it is all down to timber durability. Oak is super strong, durable and naturally resistant to issues such as rot, making it ideal for longevity. The oldest house in the UK was built just a few centuries after the ice age and was made from wood, and another has been discovered from the Bronze Age, dating from between 1000 BC and 800 BC. Though there is not much left of these, you can still wander around the rooms of a timber-framed house built in the 1500s, thought to be the oldest home in Britain which has been continuously occupied.

In terms of durable building materials, it does not get much better than Oak! You can also harness chemical-free modification technologies, such as ThermoWood and OrganoWood, to improve the durability of your timber, though Oak does not always need the extra help.

Internal oak beams

Construct Timber Buildings from Sustainable Timber

If you think that Oak is the right material for your building, we can help. EcoChoice supplies high-quality beams from responsibly managed forests and can ensure you find the Oak which meets your specifications (ours is usually sourced from France). If you are interested in timber but are not sure if Oak is suitable, we will be happy to match you with the right choice. Just reach out to our team today and let us get the ball rolling!

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