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Traditional oak frame houses and buildings – why are they so desirable?

Quintessentially British, timber-framed buildings are once more some of the most in-demand homes available. From beautifully traditional Oak beams running across the ceilings of your living room to hidden frames which provide quick structure and support, there is nothing quite like a home with wooden foundations. But why do we love traditional Oak frame houses and buildings so much? Let us take a look.

Durability of oak frame houses + how to treat external oak beams

Thinking about Oak for your construction project? Good choice! As a timber species, Oak is one of the most well-known, mostly thanks to its beautiful appearance and strength. But above all else, what really sets Oak apart from other timber choices is its great durability, ensuring that the homes, pubs and other buildings you design will last for tens or even hundreds of years to come.

Are oak frame houses more flammable than other constructions?

The Great Fire of London did not do timber any favours in the public eye. Often blamed on the abundance of wood in the city, it aligns with the general opinion that timber burns quickly and is not always a fire-safe option for a building. But would you believe us if we told you that that was a myth? Let’s take a look.

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