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Whether you are an architect, construction worker or building a home for your future family, staying on budget is always tricky. Add to that grand design ambitions and an eye for high-end finishes, and you have got a bank balance nightmare! Fortunately, though, not everything beautiful has to come with a hefty price tag, and if you have got your sights set on an Oak frame building, you can still build without breaking the bank.

From our timber experts straight to your project plans, here are top tips for constructing an Oak frame whilst sticking to your budget.

Careful Planning and Design

Before diving into the deep end of your project, take some time to thoroughly plan your designs. We recommend sitting down with an architect, and seeking advice from our team at EcoChoice to discuss the best way you can create an Oak frame designed for cost efficiency whilst still maintaining functionality. Being specific in your plans before you start your build will also reduce the likelihood of costly changes or revisions later, helping you to stay on budget.

Material Selection

Be sure to carefully select the type and grade of Oak to be used in the frame. Different Oak species and grades have different costs, and some may be better suited to your budget than others. For more help with this, reach out to our team and we will match you with sustainably sourced, high-quality timber which suits both your project specifications and your budget.

Size and Complexity

The size and complexity of the oak frame can significantly impact costs. Opting for a simpler design with fewer complex joints, smaller spans and less elaborate detailing can help you to reduce expenses. It is also wise to avoid too much aesthetic detailing, instead focusing on key structural elements and letting the beauty of the Oak speak for itself.

Try a Partial Self-Build

If you have some construction experience, consider tackling some of the building work yourself. You might choose to work alongside a tradesperson, asking them to teach you how to build the frame and providing help to reduce the size of the team you need. Once you have built up confidence, you can continue construction work when they are away, speeding up the process and reducing labour costs.

Efficient Project Management

Not all savings are directly related to your Oak frame. One such example is efficient project management, which can help streamline your construction process and avoid costly delays. Carefully coordinate scheduling, material deliveries and subcontractor activities to optimise efficiency and minimise downtime.

Use Standardised Components

Standardised Oak frame components, such as pre-cut Oak beams or modular panels, can help cut down on labour costs. By sourcing pre-processed Oak from suppliers such as EcoChoice, much of the work is done off site and included in the cost of your beams. Once delivered to your project site, the contractors you are paying will be able to assemble the frame quickly, saving time and reducing expenses.

Gain Expert Advice From Timber Experts

At EcoChoice, we are always happy to help with your timber projects. From supplying high-quality Oak to offering guidance for the processing of your beams, our expertise is exactly what your project needs. Reach out to us today and feel confident in your decisions.

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