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Oak frames are one of the most desirable choices for construction. Durable, sturdy and undeniably beautiful, they are still the core inspiration from traditional building methods to create new houses which are designed to stand strong and proud for future generations. But just because they are perfect for some buildings does not mean they are the right choice for all. If you are thinking of opting for a hardwood frame, take a look at the benefits first to learn more.

Durability and Longevity

Oak is a dense and robust European hardwood (ours is French) which is well-known for its durability and can easily withstand the tests of time. It is highly resistant to fungal infestation, insect infestation and rotting, making it a great choice for long-term structures. With the right design and maintenance, your timber frame building can also last for centuries!

Strength and Stability

Oak has excellent structural strength, allowing it to support heavy loads without bending or splintering when properly designed and installed. With skilled joinery and a quality timber supplier (like us!), you can create huge structures and support large buildings, as shown by the gorgeous ceiling of Westminster Hall which has stood for hundreds of years. Oak’s strength makes it also suitable not only for small rooms but also for open-plan layouts, providing design flexibility.

Westminster Hall oak framed building

Aesthetics and Character

Oak frames exude a timeless beauty and a distinct character which enhances the visual appeal of a building. The natural warmth, grain patterns and rich colouring of Oak make it not just a practical option, but an aesthetic one too. In fact, many architects choose Oak frames largely because of the design perks, creating homes which are inspired by the natural world with a focus on biophilic design for charming interiors and exteriors.

Environmental Sustainability

Oak can be a renewable resource, and using it in your construction can promote environmental sustainability. At EcoChoice, we supply FSC/PEFC-certified timber, including Oak, to add plenty of green points to your project. With responsible forest management practices, the replanting and replenishment of Oak forests is ensured, keeping them safe and plentiful for future generations.

Thermal Efficiency

Oak has great natural insulating properties, creating buildings which boast thermal efficiency compared to standard render. An oak frame can help regulate indoor temperature by reducing heat loss in winter as well as keeping the space cooler in summer. This energy-saving characteristic can contribute to a more comfortable living environment and potentially lower heating and cooling costs, which is more welcome than ever at the moment.

Adaptability and Restoration

Oak frames offer adaptability in terms of modifications or extensions to the building, especially when traditional no-nail joinery is used. The flexibility of a structure which is slotted together with corresponding shapes and wooden pegs allows for future alterations without compromising the structural integrity of your home. The frames also can be restored and repaired rather than replaced, minimising waste and preserving the original character of the building.

Source Sustainable Oak at EcoChoice

If you are sold on the idea of an Oak frame for your building, we can help. Our team are sustainable timber experts and can supply you with the Oak beams you need to create beautiful, long-lasting structures, even for the most unique of designs. To learn more or start an order, get in touch with our team today and we will be happy to help.

Images: CarpetnerGimas / Shutterstock.com

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