Silvertown Tunnel

EcoChoice is proud to contribute to Riverlinx’s project at Silvertown, London, by supplying FSC-certified Ekki timber for the construction of robust fenders and sheet piling capping beams.

Old Bearhurst extension

Ecochoice was chosen to supply all the timber cladding for this stunning modern extension to the Old Bearhurst site, situated in the Upper Rother Valley, in East Sussex.

Frake Alfriston

Frake is a West African hardwood that is beautiful, but often used inside plywood due to its lower stability and durability.

Pre-weathered Chestnut cladding

EcoChoice delivers high-quality, naturally pre-weathered French Chestnut, perfect for your cladding projects. Whether you are creating a summerhouse in your garden or constructing a building for commercial use, we will find the perfect Chestnut cladding for your designs.

Exeter FDS cladding

The Exeter Flood Defence scheme is managed by the Environment Agency with a goal of protecting over 3,000 homes and businesses in Exeter.

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