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As the appointed contractor, BAM Nuttall were in charge of phase 2 of the project, which involved driving steel sheet piling along the banks of the river, making them higher and more difficult to breach.

However, steel sheet piling, with its industrial feel, is generally not very nice to look at so it was decided to clad it with timber which gives a more pleasant natural feel to the project.

A specialist local contractor, Luxton Engineering, was selected to do the hard carpentry work.

Ecochoice sourced FSC certified Siberian Larch, unsorted (higher grade) and kiln-dried (more stable) directly from source forests, thus giving the customer (and tax payer) a high quality product, with strict provenance and sustainability certification at a fraction of the cost if it were sourced from UK based stockists.

If you need timber to clad your civil, marine or building project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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