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Ecochoice were brought in to help Ward & Burke construction on a Thames Tideway project aiming to create a new public land area in the river Thames at Putney Embankment, London.

The team was building on the river’s foreshore, making the project a particularly difficult one. The work was carried out to create a new stretch of public land that would sit beyond the current pathways, moving into the river’s path. The work intercepts the combined sewer overflow at Putney Bridge, and the team created a temporary slipway during construction to maintain access to the river.

Our role at EcoChoice was to deliver over one hundred pieces of FSC certified sustainable Greenheart fenders. Each piece had to be accurately sized to 300x300mm, in different profiles and with lengths ranging between 6-8 metres, and it was crucial they were within these measurements.

Our wood was used as a fender facade to maintain the pier’s structural integrity and protect it from wear. We used a multitude of profiles, allowing for the overall timber panelling to curve pleasantly around the new space for a contemporary look that blends nicely with the surrounding environment. It also provides complete protection for the pier, with no gaps where damage could be caused.

The project was already challenging because it was in the water, and the team wanted to move efficiently. So, we pre-drilled all the fenders before arriving at Putney. The use of precise drawings let us prepare the timber, so they were ready to use as soon as they arrived on site, saving time and mistakes from happening.

The pier, in the construction of which our timber was used, is not only practical by housing a substantial upgrade for the local sewage system, but also designed for public use. It has a viewing platform and allows vessels on the Thames, such as the Uber boats, to dock below it, allowing the natural use of the river to continue despite this new development.

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