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Whatever your sustainable timber needs, EcoChoice has got you covered. We can source a wide range of eco-friendly timber species for your projects.

One such species which is ideal for commercial and public projects is responsibly sourced Ekki.

Ekki Timber Fenders at Oxen Cove

We were approached by contractors TMS on behalf of Torbay Borough Council who were creating a purpose-built jetty at Oxen Cove in Brixham, Devon. Their team were looking for fenders to complete the project and specified the need for durable, low-maintenance timber which would withstand the elements but also suit the aesthetic of their build.

Ticking all their boxes, we sourced FSC-certified, premium Ekki fenders, at 100x400mm, and supplied them in multiple lengths. They were delivered to the site on time with chamfers and pre-drilled countersunk holes tailored to the project, allowing the site team to fit them quickly during low-tide windows.

The client was thrilled with the Ekki fenders delivered, promptly installing them on the jetty where they will remain for decades to come.

Why Choose Ekki Timber?

Ekki is one of the hardest timbers in the world and is incredibly durable, making it perfect for applications where hard-wearing wood is essential. Originating from West Africa, it is incredibly dense and durable making it a wonderful choice for marine applications.

A main contributing factor to choosing it for Oxen Cove’s jetty is Ekki’s ability to withstand water. It can sit in the ocean without decomposing, unlike steel which will start to rust and corrode. This is down to both its density and the natural tannins within the wood which protect it from decaying organisms.

We recommend Ekki for a wide range of applications, including for marine timber, train sleepers, bridges and decking .

Ekki Timber Appearance

The sapwood of Ekki is a distinctive pale pink, whilst the heartwood is darker red or purple-hued brown. The timber is speckled with white deposits which made it aesthetically unique, adding to its appeal for both commercial and domestic use.

Sustainably Sourced Ekki Timber

At EcoChoice, our mission is to provide everyone with sustainably sourced timber which does not harm the planet. The Ekki fenders we delivered for this project – and will for every future client – were FSC certified, coming from responsibly managed forests created to work against deforestation. When trees are felled the land is left to replenish naturally, and no one species is harvested to extremes. It is a gentle, eco-friendly way of sourcing timber which is better for everyone.

This is particularly important when sourcing Ekki, which is a vulnerable species. Because of its durability and strength, Ekki trees have been over-harvested in recent years, with illegal logging depleting the natural supply in West Africa. By choosing to purchase Ekki through EcoChoice, you are not just preventing the exploitation of this valuable tree, but also supporting its future.

Meet Your Timber Match

If you have a construction project coming up that requires timber, we can help. Whether Ekki is the perfect fit or you need something with a different specification, our team will learn about your project before matching you with a timber which is just right. Make sure your project goes ahead without a hitch with expert advice from our timber team.

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