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EcoChoice delivers high-quality, naturally pre-weathered French Chestnut, perfect for your cladding projects. Whether you are creating a summerhouse in your garden or constructing a building for commercial use, we will find the perfect Chestnut cladding for your designs.

Sustainable French Chestnut Cladding

We always focus on sustainability, sourcing our French Chestnut from responsibly managed and PEFC or FSC certified woodlands. In these areas of forest, the number of trees felled is carefully monitored to ensure the woodland is kept alive and thriving, and the natural environment is unharmed. After removing trees, the woodland is left to replenish naturally in an environmentally conscious way.

There are also absolutely no chemicals in the facade cladding boards, which gain their beautiful silver-grey hue from the elements. A completely natural process of UV light weathering, and plenty of time, is all that is needed to create the right shade of French Chestnut before it is delivered to your project.

The Chestnut species is supported by a stable supply chain in Europe. Unlike rarer species, it is relatively easy to secure Chestnut timber from sustainable forests, and so there are not the same fears about deforestation.

French Chestnut Decking and Cladding

We recommend French Chestnut for both decking and cladding. Because of its durability status and good availability, it is great for outdoor projects and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

French Chestnut For TSA Architects

Our premium quality Pre-Weathered Chestnut was the timber of choice for London based TSA Architects. The client did not have the time to wait the usual two to three years for the French Chestnut to weather after installation, and hoped to secure a silver-grey finish on purchase.

Alongside delivering the naturally weathered timber they were looking for, we also treated it against smoke and fire to Euco Class B before delivery and installation. This extra touch helped create a timber product which was suited to their needs and would adhere to safety regulations.

The final results of our Pre-Weathered French Chestnut were stunning:

Why Choose French Chestnut?

If you are considering our Pre-Weathered French Chestnut timber for your cladding project, there are a wide range of benefits of which you can take advantage.

The first are its stunning looks. Pre-weathered cladding that is silver-grey and makes your project seamlessly blend with the environment instead of giving away the look of a freshly built construction site.

The next is its exceptional natural durability, which makes it a smart choice for exterior cladding and decking projects. French Chestnut can withstand a lot of wind and rain without making a fuss, holding up its beautiful appearance for several years. It is also resistant to rot and fungal attacks. With proper maintenance, you can expect Chestnut timber to last for upwards of 25 years.

It is also a fairly easy wood to work with. Lighter in weight than Oak, it is the preferred choice for many as it is not as tough to cut, drill or chamfer.

French Chestnut timber, both weathered and unweathered, is hailed for its aesthetic appearance. A gorgeous grain of straight lines and swirls runs through the surface of the wood, and unweathered it ranges from deep red brown to a more golden brown. Our beautiful pre-weathered timber is a consistent silver-grey with plenty of rustic chic appeal.

Enquire About Pre-Weathered French Chestnut

For cladding and decking projects, we can source the finest Pre-Weathered French Chestnut timber. Sustainable, hand-selected for quality and incredibly durable, it is a fine choice for any exterior woodwork. We can also offer pre-stained chestnut cladding in a grey colour that mimics the natural look and will fade as the timber behind acquires its own natural gray sheen.


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