Oak Beams and Planks

Our Oak planks and beams are used by the building, landscaping, rail and civil industries.

Oak framers rely on us for fresh sawn and air dried (AD) Oak beams with which they produce beautiful buildings.

Oak beams can be incorporated to created beautiful homes with either traditional or modern look. If there's glazing nearby, it is best to go for AD (air dried) oak beams as they won't move as much as the fresh sawn beam.

While civil contractors appreciate the durability and strength of our FSC® certified marine tropical species such as Ekki and Opepe, Oak planks and beams lend themselves to just about any project: internal and external construction, fencing, landscaping, beams, floors, joists, and so much more.

Our Oak beams and planks can be delivered to you: 

  • sawn
  • planed
  • pre-drilled
  • pre-jointed

Oak is available in a range of quality grades (number of knots, shakes, splits, etc), as well as moisture content: fresh sawn, air dried and kiln dried.

For free information, advice and samples on suitable species available for your hardwood beams, please contact us.


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