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Whether you are an architect, construction worker or city planner, adding outdoor furniture to a public space is time-consuming work. Luckily, we can help you speed up the process by recommending a timber species which will not let you down. One of our top choices for exterior public furniture is Cumaru, bringing longevity and aesthetic appeal to every project.

What is Cumaru?

Cumaru (or Brazilian Teak) is a tough, hardwearing hardwood originating from South America. This is a timber species which can take a lot of wear and tear without a hitch and is well-suited to outdoor applications, including public furniture. The fine grain and medium to dark brown hue (with rich, red streaks) make it a popular choice among designers, while its sturdy internal structure gives it a great reputation within the construction industry. Versatile and strong, it lends itself extremely well to a wide range of uses.

Cumaru Exterior Furniture Designs

Before looking further into why Cumaru is ideal for commercial outdoor furniture, we wanted to show you this tropical timber species in action. A beautiful example of Cumaru in use can be seen in the Cumaru Collection, designed by Aristeu Pires working with Sossego Design. Crafted using the namesake timber, it is an inspiring collection which blends contemporary touches with a timeless aesthetic for really beautiful, high-quality pieces. Looking through the images, it is clear to see how these chairs and tables can elevate the space in which they are placed.

At EcoChoice, we supply projects with either the raw Cumaru timber boards for the creation of outdoor furniture or can work with your bespoke requirements to deliver stunning outdoor timber furniture ready for installation.

Why Choose Cumaru?

One of the main reasons to choose Cumaru is its exceptional durability and longevity. It has great dimensional stability, meaning that it will not warp, splinter or swell when humidity levels change, and it is resistant to rot, fungal infestations and insect attacks. It also does not need regular maintenance to stay in good shape, which is ideal for commercial and public applications.

When left untreated, Cumaru will naturally weather to a beautiful silver. Alternatively, you can oil or stain the timber to maintain its original colour.

To sum it up, Cumaru is an investment which is going to last decades with a little TLC. With natural protection against rot and decay, as well as the strength to withstand a lot of use, it is the best choice for a job well done.

Opt for Sustainable Cumaru

As a tropical hardwood, you can help encourage responsible forestry by opting for a sustainable supplier. The eco-friendly Cumaru from EcoChoice is always sourced from FSC-certified woodland, where conservation and biodiversity are prioritised. Add an aspect of ethical sustainability to your outdoor furniture by making the EcoChoice.

To learn more about Cumaru furniture or to start an order for your project, get in touch with our team today. When it comes to your timber, we are always happy to help.

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