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How will climate change affect timber quality?

Climate change is not a prediction, it is a current certainty. We are already seeing changes to our planet as the world warms and our greenhouse gases alter the atmosphere, but there are many more still to be seen. One such change will be to the trees that provide us with timber, which could find its characteristics altered by the rising temperatures and harsher conditions of the planet we share.

How Timber Is Being Used to Decarbonise Our Cities

Have you heard of an urban jungle? In Western countries, it is not too common to see flourishing forest life in the middle of a city. But the concept of an urban jungle is becoming something to which we all need to pay more attention, with governments looking at how to create greener cities to tackle climate change.

What exactly is eco-friendly construction?

As the demand for sustainable choices grows, eco-friendly construction continues to gain more attention in the industry. The term refers to building methods, materials and principles which reduce the negative effect construction has on the planet.

Is Timber Truly Renewable?

Renewable materials are those that are infinite, meaning that we will never run out of them. So is timber truly renewable, or is the way we are harvesting it leading to an inevitable end.

Why Do We Need a National Tree Week?

Have you been celebrating National Tree Week? Running from 27th November to the 5th December, it’s the largest yearly tree celebration in the country and marks the beginning of the winter tree planting season.

Can trees and woods reduce flooding?

Storms and floods have, in recent years, become a serious concern when it comes to the UK’s changing climate. We decided to have a look at some of the great ways that trees can help prevent flooding.

What is the FSC doing to tackle climate change?

The FSC manage forests in a way that does not cause irreparable damage to the environment or communities within its locality. However, you might be wondering what the FSC is doing to tackle climate change and the effects of global warming, and we’ve put this piece together to enlighten you.

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