Introducing Abodo: the UK’s first verified carbon negative timber cladding

At EcoChoice, we are always looking for the next big thing in sustainable timber. Any product which can help reduce deforestation, cut down our carbon footprint and help local communities is a product which needs to be shouted about! That is why we want to talk a little bit about Vulcan Cladding from Abodo. This innovative, revolutionary timber is changing the sustainable construction game. Read on to learn more.

What is Vulcan Cladding?

Created by Abodo, Vulcan Cladding is a thermally modified timber. A high-quality, clear grade wood, it is a fantastic choice for a wide range of uses, both internal and external. The Vulcan Cladding is crafted from New Zealand timber grown on a plantation, and it is verified as a carbon-negative option for your projects.

What is Carbon Negative?

You might have heard of carbon neutral, but what is carbon negative? 

A product is carbon negative when it takes in more carbon dioxide (and other harmful greenhouse gases) than it gives out. This takes into account the entire supply chain of the product, including shipping and end of life. 

Timber is often referred to as a sustainable building material as the trees absorb carbon as they grow. This is then stored in the timber, where it will stay until the end of its service life, when the wood rots or is burnt, often after it’s been recycled one or more times. Timber is also completely renewable if the forest is managed sustainably and each tree cut is replaced.

The First Carbon Negative Timber

Vulcan timber is the first verified carbon negative timber in the UK. It is a product that stores more CO2e than it releases, and according to Abodo, every square metre of Vulcan Cladding stores a whopping 9.74kg of CO2e, which can go a long way to creating an eco-friendly building!

Durability, Workability, and Characteristics of Vulcan Timber

Vulcan Cladding is described as a great alternative to Western Red Cedar, which is often used for external cladding, but the former can be used in many other applications too.

It is a very stable wood which should see little shrinkage or swelling over time, helping it to last longer.

Vulcan Cladding Profiles

Another great perk of Vulcan Cladding is that there are a wide range of profiles available. These include random width boards, vertical shiplap and custom profiles. The wood also comes in a range of finishes, including ribbed, fine band sawn and riven. Planks can be finger-jointed to specific measurements to reduce waste, adding to the sustainability of this timber.

Learn More About Sustainable Timbers

At EcoChoice, we are sustainable timber experts. If anything is happening in the industry, we will know about it! To keep up with all the latest news, be sure to follow our blog. If you have any questions about our sustainable timber, get in touch with our team today and we will be more than happy to help.


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