What are the ecological benefits of woodland conservation?

At EcoChoice, we champion woodland conservation. By only ever sourcing timber from responsibly managed forests for our decking, cladding and other wood products, we give our customers an ecologically responsible option. In these eco-consciously managed forests, conservation is high on the priority list, and they are independently audited on this. But why is it so important, and what is the benefit of investing in responsible forest management?

What is Woodland Conservation?

Woodland conservation largely means the protection of forest areas across the UK and around the world. How forest is protected can vary from place to place. In some areas, the land is untouched and undisturbed, allowing for the natural growth of the species in the area.

In other parts of the woodland, it involves responsible forest management, lending the landscape a helping hand to grow efficiently whilst also providing us with timber. As we take an active role in this form of conservation, we will be focusing on the benefits of responsible management. 

Give Healthy Trees the Room to Grow

A lot of people wonder how forests can be conserved whilst timber is being cut down. There are actually a lot of good reasons for this and, with careful management, we can both source timber and protect wildlife at the same time.

For example, managed conservation involves removing less healthy or excess trees from the land. The purpose of this is to give the healthier, stronger saplings more space to thrive, creating a woodland of long-lasting trees which are better able to fight off disease and grow to their full height. By keeping the weaker trees as part of the forest, overcrowding will hold all the strong saplings back, preventing the woodland from achieving its full potential. 

Strong, healthy trees can support more species, too! A healthy Oak tree can benefit over 2,000 other animals, plants and insects creating a woodland which supports its inhabitants. 

Encourage More Species on the Forest Floor

Another benefit of removing excess trees is to allow more light to reach the forest floor. With overcrowding, the woodland becomes dark and ground species cannot thrive. But, with active management such as continuous cover forestry (CCF), light is let in and diversity encouraged. The more species able to grow on the ground, the more creatures will thrive in the area, and a lively, healthy forest will have been created. 

Encourage More Tree Growth

A forest full of healthy trees and with plenty of space on the ground encourages more tree growth. It allows for natural regeneration, with the forest largely managing itself aided by a little human helping hand. As seeds fall from the trees and are trodden into the ground by passing animals, new saplings emerge, creating a healthy lifecycle of new trees and allowing room for a thriving woodland.

Maintain Surrounding Ecosystems

Woodland conservation protects the surrounding ecosystems which rely on a healthy forest to survive. 13% of the total land area in the UK is covered by woodland, and thousands of animals and insects live in these forested areas. Conservation and responsible management protect the land, ensuring a safe, healthy woodland for years to come. Encouraging biodiversity and species variation, the more conservation we have for our forests, the more species will thrive. 

Choose EcoChoice and Protect Our Forestland

At EcoChoice, we are vigilant in sourcing timber from responsibly managed forests. We know how important woodland is for the survival of our species (and millions of others), and we are doing our bit to protect them. If you would like to learn more about how we source our timber or to begin an order, get in touch with our team today and we will be happy to help.

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