Organowood - Fossilised Timber with Natural Flame and Rot Protection

OrganoWood® is the next generation of environmentally friendly wood protection to fire and fungal attacks. it is bio-mimicry (learning from nature) applied to real life.

Through its proprietary technology which mimics the natural fossilization process, the wood is modified by the attachment of protective silicon compounds to the wood fibres.

Instead of killing fungi and micro-organisms with heavy metal biocides (such as Copper, currently used in all major chemical impregnation treatments), the silicon compounds create a physical barrier that prevents fungi from eating the timber, while at the same time providing effective flame resistance.

The timber requires minimal maintenance and does not need oiling. In addition, it retains its natural color and over time takes on an attractive silver-grey shade that lends a particularly authentic feel.

OrganoWood has already been used as cladding for a PassivHaus project in Manchester and is currently being installed at a school project in London.

Manchester Passiv Haus with OrganoWood cladding
OrganoWood cladding in Manchester PassivHaus