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The pipeline industry plays a vital role in the transportation of various substances, from oil and gas to water and chemicals. While pipelines are typically associated with steel and other durable materials, timber also plays an important role in this sector. But where and how is it used? Our EcoChoice timber experts have taken a look, finding out everything you need to know about the use of timber in pipeline construction.

Bog Mats for Stabilising Pipeline Construction

Also known as dragline or navvy mats, bog mats are essential in the pipeline industry. The mats are constructed from timber and are used to add stability and support for heavy machinery, vehicles and equipment during the construction and maintenance of pipelines.

The use of timber bog mats makes it much easier to build pipelines in areas with challenging and environmentally sensitive terrains, such as wetlands, swamps and marshes, allowing the work to continue smoothly without damaging the ecosystem. Sustainable points from our FSC-certified timber suppliers!

Characteristics of Bog Mats

When looking into timber for bog mats, it is important to consider the crucial characteristics of these boards so that you can find the right species.

Your timber should first and foremost be durable. This makes hardwoods (generally) a better choice, lending a natural resistance to decay and rot to the construction project. They also need to be strong enough to deal with the weight of heavy machinery, which again makes hardwood species more appropriate. Some of the species we recommend include:

Many projects also benefit from the eco-friendly marketing opportunities which using responsibly sourced timber brings. That is why we recommend speaking with our FSC-certified timber suppliers to find the right sustainable timber for bog mats.

Support Saddles for Pipeline Maintenance

Timber support saddles (also known as skids and cradles) play another important role in this construction industry. These are used to cradle and support the pipelines above the ground, protecting them from damage and ensuring their stability until they are installed. Essentially, they are a platform for the new pipelines to sit on.

Characteristics of Support Saddles

If you are looking for timber support saddles for pipeline construction, the species you choose is crucial.

The timber used for support saddles needs to be strong and stable, keeping pipes securely in place and preventing any movement which could lead to damage. Your timber should also be naturally resistant to rot and corrosion as it will be in contact with the ground, and will need to be custom-built properly to support the pipeline for which it is made.

Because of these must-have properties, the best timber species from which to make support saddles is Ekki. Super tough and naturally resistant to rot, it is the best option for many projects, but not every project! If you are looking for a different species for your timber support saddles, get in touch with our experts.

Learn More With EcoChoice

At EcoChoice, we can help you find the right timber for your pipeline construction project. Whether it be support saddles, bog mats or something else entirely, get in touch with us and we will help you find the right timber products quickly for stress-free construction.

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