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If you are a regular to the EcoChoice blog, this will not be the first time you have heard of Ekki. From discussing different timbers to giving recommendations for specific uses, this little timber crops up a lot! But in the wider world, it is actually not a super well-known species, though what it lacks in attention it sure makes up for in applications.

New to Ekki? Find out the many, many uses in this quick guide.

What is Ekki?

Ekki, scientifically known as Lophira Alata, is a dense tropical hardwood species of timber which is native to the rainforests of West Africa. Renowned for its exceptional durability and resistance to decay, it is a hardy wood which does not stand much nonsense! The rich reddish-brown hue and fine grain also lend plenty of aesthetic appeal to Ekki, making it a timber which (once known about) is much in demand.

Find out more about this wonderful wood in our Ekki Species Profile.

Ekki Decking

As suppliers of timber decking we are often raving about Ekki for the right projects. The red tones make it a unique choice for both applications, and one which is certain to stand out from other architectural designs. The natural hardiness also means that it can withstand a lot of weathering without much maintenance or the need for treatments.

Generally only available in thicker sections, Ekki Is the ideal solution for large, heavy-duty decking projects such as piers or footbridges.

Marine Applications

Ekki is frequently the timber of choice for marine construction. It holds up well around and in water – including salt water – and also has a good resistance to marine life, making it perfect for outdoor use. In the marine world, you will frequently find Ekki used to make docks, bridges and piers (like our very own Hasting Pier project). It is also frequently used in boatbuilding as a hardy timber which will keep those on board safe and dry.

Railway Sleepers

Railway sleepers require materials which can withstand the weight and stress of trains and harsh outdoor conditions. Luckily, Ekki is the perfect candidate for the job. Able to take a lot of pressure without so much as a splinter, it ensures the safety and longevity of railway lines across the UK.

Why Sustainably Sourced Ekki Is So Important

Because of all its wonderful benefits, Ekki has sadly been overforested in recent years. This makes it a more vulnerable species and one which is more important than ever to protect.

At EcoChoice, we supply Ekki from responsibly managed forests. In these protected spaces, the Ekki trees are not only kept safe from land developers, but also naturally replenished whenever they are felled, ensuring the continued growth and conservation of this beautiful tree species.

Find FSC-Certified Ekki at EcoChoice

If you are interested in using Ekki in your next project, make the right choice and opt for FSC-certified timber from EcoChoice to protect this vital timber from future harm. To learn more or order your Ekki products today, get in touch with our team. When it comes to supplying responsibly sourced Ekki, we are always happy to chat!



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