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The evolution of the great British pier

The UK is a country of seaside lovers. From ice creams and deck chairs on sunny days to blustery walks along the promenade wrapped in scarves and woolly hats, we can’t get enough of our coastline! One of the most popular attractions in seaside towns is often the famous Victorian pier, which has a long and impressive history. Learn more about it here.

The best piers and promenade in the UK 2021

There is nothing quite like taking a stroll out towards the sea on a pier’s timber decking (especially if it’s supplied by Ecochoice) with the waves crashing and splashing below. Here are our top picks of the UK’s best piers to visit this summer:

Using timber for piers

EcoChoice have a had strong presence in the marine construction industry for many years, and in particular we have specialist experience in delivering timber components to piers, pontoons and marinas. In this article we look at the type of timber that we use for piers, why we use it, and look at two of the piers that we have helped with in recent years – Southend Pier and Hastings Pier.

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