How EcoChoice decking transformed the restoration of Queen’s Pier

Versatile, beautiful and sustainable, wood is a great choice for construction projects of all sizes. In the Isle of Man, FSC Ekki decking is being used to great effect in the restoration of one of the island’s most iconic landmarks: the Queen’s Pier. Located in Ramsey. The pier had fallen into disrepair and had been shut to the public for years. 

Thanks to the commitment of local volunteers, the pier is currently being brought back to life, complete with a hardwood deck supplied by us. 

History of the Queen’s Pier

Built in 1886, the Queen’s Pier is one of the most recognisable landmarks in the Isle of Man. For years, the pier was used as a disembarkation point for passengers arriving at the island by boat. 

A 3-foot gauge tramway ran down the length of the pier to transport passengers and their bags from their ship to the shore. At its peak, around 36,000 passengers arrived at the pier every year. 

However, steamers stopped docking at the pier in the early 1970s and in the mid-20th century, the pier fell into decline. In 1981, the tramway closed and in the early 1990s, the pier itself was closed to the public. 

For the next few decades, local people fought to restore and reopen the landmark, finally securing funding and government support just a few years ago. 

As @PiersSociety says, “In May 2016, the gates of the 130-year-old Victorian pier were officially unlocked for the first time in 25 years when the government handed over the keys to the Queen’s Pier Restoration Trust (QPRT).”

Decking the pier

One of the most important steps in the restoration of the Queen’s Pier is building a solid platform for workers, and members of the public, to walk on. 

EcoChoice were asked to supply the decking for the main body of the pier. We worked with the restoration team to select FSC certified Ekki decking for the project. 

Work has already started laying the decking and soon the first invited guests will have the chance to walk on the newly installed surface of the pier. 

Ekki was the ideal choice for the decking on Queen’s Pier as it’s one of the hardest and most durable timbers on the planet. This means it can withstand thousands of people walking on it every day and won’t warp, bend, or crack in the harsh conditions found at the coast. 

What’s more, as Ekki has a beautiful reddish brown hue, it lends a warmth to the pier, making the finished decking look welcoming and inviting. 

The decking was placed on the main part of the pier and between the tramlines. This helps to define the tramway and shows visitors how the pier was used back in its heyday when thousands of people would disembark every week. 

If you’d like to find out more about Ekki decking, or about our products and the projects we work on, explore our site or get in touch with a member of our team today. 

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