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When it comes to agricultural builds, timber is a must-have material. Durable, super strong and blending beautifully with the natural surroundings, it is no wonder so many agricultural sites choose it for their constructions! But not every timber species is going to suit the job at hand. That is why we have put together this straightforward, no-nonsense guide, helping you quickly find the right timber for your agricultural project.

Post and Rail Fences

No agricultural space is complete without its fair share of fences. Whether installing feather-edge fences, posts around your fields or a simple structure to set your boundaries, we would recommend a durable timber. Oak and Chestnut are great options, though if you are on a budget, tropical timber or softwood can also work well.

Horse Stable Tongue-and-Groove Boards

When using tongue-and-groove boards in fixed lengths to build your horse stables, we highly recommend choosing either Okan or Denya. These boards can be made to slide down steel frame doors, which makes them ideal for this purpose. Ekki is another smart choice as a durable timber which can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Timber stables

Stakes, Posts, and Pegs

One of the most important things to consider with stakes, posts and pegs is that they are likely to come into contact with the ground. This makes the timber more prone to rot and insect infestation. To prevent issues, use a softwood that has been treated with a preservative. Be particularly vigilant about the area of the timber which will be touching the ground, and ensure this face is thoroughly treated.

Timber Sleepers

Timber sleepers are a must-have construction material for agricultural sites. Versatile and sturdy, they can be used for everything from retaining walls to pathways. Again, as sleepers frequently come into contact with the ground, you need a durable species like Oak, Ekki, or a treated softwood.

Project-Specific Recommendations

If you have a unique agricultural project and you are not sure which timber species is best suited to the application, we can provide project-specific recommendations. Our experts at EcoChoice are well versed in the different properties and characteristics of timber species, and can ensure you choose the right material for the job. All our timber is sustainably sourced from PEFC/FSC-certified woodlands, and we can deliver straight to your agricultural site.

To learn more, ask for advice or start an order, get in touch with our team today and we will be happy to help.

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