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One of the earliest uses of timber was to build bridges. Helping us to cross diverse landscapes and changing the dynamics of travel, timber laid the foundations which connected communities across the country. Now, when building bridges, we would never hesitate to recommend it as the top choice. Our team of experts combine age-old timber with modern technology to bring you the perfect material to connect lands of your own.

EcoChoice Timber Bridge Suppliers

At EcoChoice, we can source the timber you need for your bridge, walkway or footbridge project, ticking off one more task on your to-do list. With in-depth knowledge and industry connections, we can deliver premium, sustainably-sourced timber to suit your schedule. We also incorporate the use of cutting-edge innovation, such as:

  • Precision kilning

  • Precision cutting

  • Precision planing

  • Precision drilling

  • Glue-lamination (Glulam)

  • Finger-joining

  • Wood modification

  • Anti-slip decking

These technologies allow us to deliver the components you need, ready to be installed on-site, for stunning footbridges and walkways, either as loose items, panels or as a pre-assembled complete bridge.

Why Choose Timber to Build Bridges?

Timber is a construction material which has truly stood the test of time, with many timber bridges in China dating back over 10,000 years. It is incredibly versatile, with different species bringing different characteristics to the table, and can be made to suit your exact needs. For bridges, there are plenty of long-lasting hardwoods which would be perfect for the job.

Oak, Ekki, Opepe, Chestnut and other timber species are durable, lasting for decades when properly maintained. They are resistant to rot, fungal and insect damage, either naturally or when treated. Some species of timber are stronger than steel on a weight basis too, and can withstand a lot of wear and tear whilst also sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

Beautiful Timber For Beautiful Bridges

Aside from being strong and hardy, timber is also beautiful. Compared to metal or plastic, timber has a natural visual appeal, making it a much better option for outdoor spaces. Blending seamlessly with the surroundings, it adds to the landscape rather than looking clearly out of place. With a softer texture and a range of natural colours, it is the ideal option for more beautiful bridges.

EcoChoice’s Olympic Footbridge

EcoChoice were contacted by Bam Nuttal, on behalf of the Olympic Delivery Authority, to deliver a three-part bridge. The bridge was made up of 48 metres of high-quality, sustainable timber. Our German partners S&L used the latest in MMC, fabricating the bridge off-site allowing for efficient quality control and fast delivery.

The bridge has a 2.97 metre wide deck designed for the mountain bike circuit at the Olympic Park. The bridge is made of Spruce Glulam, clad in Accoya, with FSC-certified Ekki decking. The final result is a gorgeous, contemporary bridge which fits with the surroundings and meets specifications.

Sustainably Sourced Timber

All our timber is sourced from responsibly managed forests, where maintaining the environmental landscape is just as important as obtaining timber. With respect for local wildlife and the habitats surrounding the trees, there is a large focus on conservation. These lands are certified by green organisations, such as the FSC, who ensure none of the forests are overworked and that the local species are always protected. Time being given for the land to replenish naturally after trees are harvested, it is the most sustainable way to build your bridges.

If you are looking for a tough hardwood like Ekki or Greenheart to construct your footbridge, we can help. With our expertise, we will match your project to the timber which suits it best, or we can source the timber you already know you need.

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