Which Timber Should Be Used to Construct Fenders?

Fenders are a staple in the world of marine construction. Used to protect vessels, walls, pipelines and many other installations, they help to extend the life of these structures and reduce the chance of damage to both pier walls and ships. If you are looking into installing fenders but aren’t sure what species of timber is the best to use, we have got you covered. Take a look at our top picks and keep your structures safe. 

What to Look For in Timber for Fenders

There are a few key features you should look for when choosing timber for fenders. The first is durability, which can vary a lot from species to species. For this reason, it’s usually better to choose a FSC certified tropical hardwood timber, which is naturally more hardwearing than softwoods. This is especially true if the timber will be used in water; a less durable variety will be more susceptible to rot, even when treated.

Oak Timber

Oak is one of the most common choices when it comes to durable timber. Reasonably durable and long-lasting, it can withstand some wear without splitting or wearing away. It is also readily available making it easy to be replaced, unlike other typical fender species. 

Ekki Timber 

Ekki is a coarse hardwood timber well-known for its maritime resistance. It’s highly resistant to attack from marine organisms such as gribble and also very dense, making it perfect for fenders. It’s available in the widest possible range of sizes since the original tree can be very wide. However, it is not easy to work using hand tools, so machines should be used. 


Greenheart is sourced from Guyana and together with Ekki, is the main tropical timber chosen for fenders. That is because it comes in very long lengths, standard sizes (300×300 is usually in stock) and is known to be incredibly durable – so your timber fender is likely to stick around for many years to come.

Douglas Fir Timber

Douglas Fir is actually one of the few softwoods we would recommend for fenders. This is because, unlike many other kinds of wood from coniferous trees, it is relatively durable, especially when treated. It experiences little shrinking, which is fantastic for fenders, is strong and naturally resistant to both fungal and insect infestations. When exposed to the elements, it proves to be hardy, making it perfect for many fender applications. 

Why Should You Choose Sustainable Timber?

When working in civil and marine environments, being conscious of your impact on the environment is essential. As the world becomes increasingly aware of the sustainability issues facing us, companies must do their best to reduce their negative impact on the planet. By opting for sustainable timber sourced from responsibly managed forests, you can easily make an eco-friendly, ethical choice for your project and boost your eco status. 

Sustainable Timber at EcoChoice

At EcoChoice, we stock a wide range of sustainable, independently certified hardwood that is ideal for timber fenders. If the options above don’t match your criteria, feel free to get in touch with us today and we will help you find a species that does. 

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