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Ekki Beams: Unrivaled Strength and Durability for Your Projects

Discover the exceptional strength and durability of our FSC® certified Ekki timber, a material that stands tall in the realm of civil, marine, and rail construction. Ekki beams are the go-to choice for projects requiring robust, long-lasting solutions. Here’s why Ekki timber is the top contender for groyne piling, baulks, sleepers, bridge bearers, and more.

The Ekki Advantage

1. Unmatched Strength:

Ekki timber is renowned for its unparalleled strength. With a density that surpasses many other hardwoods (at 1.20 ton/m3, it is heavier than water, so careful as it’ll sink), Ekki beams provide the structural integrity needed for demanding projects. This makes them ideal for applications where strength is non-negotiable.

2. Exceptional Durability:

When it comes to durability, Ekki timber shines. Its density is so high it’s classified as not permeable. Added to that there’s a natural resistance to decay, insects, and the harsh effects of weather, making Ekki beams built to withstand the test of time. This makes them a reliable choice for marine environments such as fenders, groynes, lock gates and other flood defence projects, where exposure to moisture and salt is a constant challenge.

3. Versatility in Applications:

Ekki timber’s strength and durability make it versatile for a wide range of heavy applications. From groyne piling that battles against coastal erosion to baulks that support heavy loads, Ekki beams prove their adaptability in diverse civil, marine, and rail projects.


To help you achieve your project’s success, we can also offer professional grading of Ekki to D70 strength grade.


Ekki Timber in Action

1. Groyne Piling:

Protect coastlines with Ekki timber groyne piling. The robust nature of Ekki ensures these structures effectively combat erosion, providing a durable barrier against the forces of the sea. Standard piles are 300x300mm with lengths up to 11m – custom sizes are also possible.

2. Baulks for Heavy Loads:

In projects requiring substantial load-bearing capacity, Ekki timber baulks excel. Their strength makes them the ideal choice for supporting heavy loads in various construction scenarios.

3. Sleepers for Rail Stability:

Ekki beams serve as reliable sleepers and longitudinal beams in rail projects, offering stability and longevity. The timber’s resistance to decay and wear makes it a cost-effective choice for rail infrastructure.

4. Bridge Bearers:

Ensure the longevity of bridges with Ekki timber bearers. Their strength and durability contribute to the structural integrity of bridges, even in challenging environments.

Sustainability with Ekki Timber

Beyond its strength and durability, Ekki timber is sourced from responsibly managed forests in West Africa, aligning with sustainable practices. Choosing Ekki for your projects not only guarantees robust performance but also reflects a commitment to environmental responsibility.

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